10 incredible Black Friday 2022 smartphone deals that shouldn’t be missed

One of the biggest sales seasons of the year, Black Friday, is almost at your doorstep as November approaches. You can expect slashed prices on smartphones, electronics, TVs, etc. Big brands have already been sharing the deals, discounts, and what one can hope for on Black Friday 2022. If you’ve been looking to buy a smartphone, start planning now. Read on to find out what smartphone offers you can look forward to this shopping season. 

One of the rather popular brands of cell phones across the globe is the OnePlus. Their much-loved models include the OnePlus 10, OnePlus 9, and the OnePlus Nord. Black Friday is going to bring great discounts to OnePlus smartphones. You can expect up to $270 off on their latest products.

The tech giant has recently released the iPhone 14 series and is already a fan favorite. Their new line features the latest tech, powerful battery life, and a great display. Like the previous years, Apple will offer discounted rates for their new and older models come Black Friday 2022. You can also expect deals and discounts on their products when purchasing via other shopping websites.

Samsung is another popular name in the smartphone and electronics industry. They have a slew of widely popular smartphones, the latest being the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. You should check out slashed prices on some of the new and older models by the brand. Older models such as the Galaxy S20 5G phones may see even 80% off on their price tag. You can also get roughly $600 off for trade-ins on the new Galaxy Z Flip series.

The Google Pixel 6 is a great phone with many captivating features like fast and wireless charging, a powerful Google Tensor processor, wide and ultrawide lenses, and even a 6.4-inch smooth display. It also has a fingerprint sensor and security to keep your phone safe. This Black Friday, Google will likely offer some of the best deals on this fast and fancy smartphone. You can also expect deals and discounts on other Google products and services.

Phone accessories
Phone accessories such as earphones, cases, mass storage devices, anti-theft devices, and even screen projectors enhance the experience of using your smartphone. Many also protect your phone from damage and help extend your phone’s life. These products are equally important and rest assured, Black Friday will also bring deals and discounts on a range of phone accessories. You can purchase these products from brand websites or other popular shopping websites.

AT&T Wireless

AT&T is one of the most popular cell phone and Wi-Fi network service providers in the U.S. They are also one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies. They offer wireless networks, cellphones, digital TV, and landline communication services. The company also sells smartphones. When you purchase a cellphone through AT&T, you get discounts on the smartphone and access to lower-priced network packages. Every Black Friday, the company offers massive deals; one can expect the same this year.

Straight Talk
Straight Talk offers non-contract plans with unlimited talk time and texting along with the data. It is also one of the country’s largest and most dependable 4G LTE networks. You can also purchase smartphones through Straight Talk and get deals on your smartphone and network plans. For Black Friday 2022, Straight Talk offers up to $200 off on the iPhone SE and other discounts.

Like AT&T, Verizon also offers a wide range of network services, including internet, Wi-Fi, and more. You can also purchase a smartphone through Verizon to unlock better discounts. For Black Friday 2022, the company offers incredible discounts on several cell phones, provided you take a new line.

This year, visible offers unlimited data, talk time, and texting for merely $30 per month. You can get up to $200 off when you join the network with a device that is compatible with the service.

Total Wireless
Total Wireless is another network service provider offering no-contract plans and has nationwide 5G. When you take a line with Total, you also get perks such as access to Disney+ and more. You can also purchase your phone through Total and get a $150 discount on different models.

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