10 ways to get silky smooth legs

The summer sun makes your skin oily and clog your pores, and the winters can lead to dry, rough skin. But if the weather or similar conditions are constantly affecting your skin, how does one manage to wear the cute sundress in the shop window? The good thing is we’ve got the answers to this problem. Read on to learn about ten ways you can get smooth and silky legs at home.

10 ways to ensure your legs are soft and smooth

Exfoliate your skin
Exfoliation is the key to keeping your skin healthy, smooth, silky, and supple. It helps to remove dry and dead skin cells and even prevents any rough buildup. There are a number of ways you can exfoliate your skin, so choose what works best for your skin type and your needs.

Use a body polish
Body polishes help you achieve supple skin. You can use a physical brush to gently polish your legs and feet once a week. This helps remove dead skills and unclog your pores for smoother and silkier legs.

Give dry brushing a shot
Dry brushing is a technique that allows you to exfoliate your skin and improve blood circulation, leading to smooth and supple skin. This method also helps the epidermis to absorb the skincare products better, making them more effective.

Choose a good razor
Choosing the right razor is very important when it comes to keeping your legs fuzz-free for a longer time. When picking a razor, experts suggest choosing one that comes with a hydrating serum.

Change your razor regularly
Not changing your razor often can ruin your shaving experience. Dull blades may not be able to remove the hair properly and might lead to broken strands. Dull or old razors can also make you more prone to developing strawberry legs. It is recommended to change your razor once a month for optimal performance.

Apply SPF on your legs
Sunscreen protects your legs and feet from long-term damage. It is also vital to use the right amount of SPF if you’ve just exfoliated your skin and removed its natural oils and protective layers.

Moisturize your legs every day
If you want to have smooth and silky legs, you need to moisturize them without fail every day. Experts recommend using a body cream with moisturizing ingredients after a shower. This helps lock in the water in your pores and helps the skin become more supple and elastic.

Drink tons of water
Irrespective of if you’re spending the out in the sun or at home, it is important to stay hydrated. This helps the system as a whole, aside from the skin, and your legs will begin to look moisturized and healthy.

Try using a leg highlighter
If you’re going to spend the day out and want shiny, silky, and smooth legs, you can so opt for a leg highlighter. This helps you achieve a glassy and sleek finish for your legs and feet.

Get massages
Massages help improve circulation and make the skin look more moisturized and fresh. You can opt for in-parlor massages or even do them at home with oil, creams, and other cosmetic solutions.


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