4 best gutter guards to install in your home

You can’t build the perfect house without gutter guards. They seem unimportant but play a vital role in maintaining the structural integrity of your home and keeping your gutters free from rodents. They’re installed on the roof and are tasked with allowing the right amount of rainwater into your drains. Meanwhile, other materials, like leaves, pests, and debris, are prevented from entering the gutters. This ensures proper drainage even during heavy rains.

Today, many companies have gutter guards in their product line, but not all are equally good. Here’s our guide to the best gutter guards for low-maintenance homes.

1. Raptor gutter guard
This gutter guard features a micro-mesh design, which helps keep out the tiniest particles from your gutters. It easily fits into any five-inch wide drain and can be installed without professional help. The guard is made from stainless steel, so it doesn’t erode quickly, either. Besides, the company behind the product has been in business for more than two decades, so that you can trust their expertise.

2. FlexxPoint gutter cover system
You want your gutter guard to complement your gutter, allowing it enough time to drain itself. Very few guards can do that, and the FlexxPoint gutter cover system is one of them. It has an intelligent three-point design that prevents water from pouring into the gutter. The guard has tiny holes, which ensures that the water trickles down at an acceptable pace. This improves drainage and prevents unnecessary clogging.

3. A-M aluminum five-inch gutter guard
Unlike many others, the A-M aluminum gutter guard isn’t visible to the naked eye. It camouflages against the roof, ensuring the beauty of your house remains intact. It’s designed to allow rainwater to flow steadily and not swiftly, which helps your gutter’s drainage system. Besides, the guard comes with four-foot strips that fit perfectly in five-inch drains.

4. LeafTek gutter guard
The LeafTek gutter guard has an excellent design that keeps small and large debris from entering the drain. It also increases airflow, which comes in handy against leaves that get stuck on the guards. Plus, the enamel finish used in this rain gutter leaf guard imparts tremendous strength and longevity to it, which means you won’t have to worry about your drainage system every monsoon season.

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