5 pre-owned SUVs popular for their reliability

One cannot stress the importance of reliability when it comes to buying an SUV or any used car, for that matter. The automobile might get you the best mileage, looks, features, and performance. But it can get annoying if the vehicle breaks down regularly or needs you to shell out more on repairs than the amount spent on purchasing the SUV. So if you’re shopping for your first used SUV or upgrading to one, here are five reliable options to consider.

GMC Terrain
The GMC Terrain is one of the most reliable SUVs when it comes to buying a used model. It comes with premium interiors and seating that can carry five people from one destination to the next comfortably. The ride quality of the GMC Terrain is smooth and packs an efficient engine. Customers should be able to purchase a pre-owned model between $19,000 and $28,000.

Toyota Highlander
The Toyota Highlander is a reliable SUV that is suitable for families. The vehicle is flush with technological features, high-quality interiors, and a powerful standard V6 engine. The Highlander is also awarded a five-star overall safety rating by the NHTSA. Customers can get a pre-owned Toyota highlander starting at $40,000 based on the model they pick.

Honda CR-V
A used Honda CR-V is usually available starting at $18,000 based on the features and accessories a buyer selects. The SUV is one of the most reliable compact SUVs, with more than sufficient room for passengers, an upscaled cabin, and a massive cargo hold. The CR-V is also known for its safety score and fuel economy.

Buick Encore
The subcompact SUV is one of the more affordable options for customers who do not want to stretch their budget. The Buick Encore is known for its premium interior, safety ratings, entertainment, and infotainment system. The vehicle also offers comfortable seating for five passengers. One can purchase a pre-owned Buick Encore for as low as $17,000.

Mazda CX-3
The Mazda CX-3 is renowned for its sporty handling, superior fuel economy, and safety essentials. It’s also affordable and reliable. The automobile is also equipped with reliable technology, such as a touch-screen display, voice-command activation, and standard connectivity features. Customers interested in the subcompact SUV could purchase a pre-owned model starting at about $21,000.

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