• 6 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Switching Phone Carriers

    People switch phone carriers for several reasons, like better services, more competitive plans, improved coverage, extra features, and faster internet download and upload speeds. However, during the transition process, many make mistakes that cost them financially and lead to unexpected hassles and headaches. Regardless of why one is changing their phone carriers, they must note these six potential pitfalls and learn how to sidestep them for a seamless and trouble-free carrier switch.

    1. Not researching multiple carriers
    One must shop around for a while when choosing anything, be it a phone carrier or another product. Customers should research different carriers and learn about their plans, network coverage, and pricing. Comparing can help determine which company is most suitable for one’s needs. On the other hand, overlooking research can cause a person to choose a carrier that charges more while providing poor-quality services. Consequently, one may have to face connection issues and subpar data speed.

    2. Failing to compare plans by different carriers
    While researching different carriers, one must pay close attention to the plans they offer. Doing so is crucial because the market is flooded with different plans from different carriers, making it easy to choose the wrong one. One must choose a carrier with plans that are reasonably priced yet feature-rich. Finding such a carrier can take time and effort, but it is worth the pain.

    3. Ignoring one’s data usage
    Before committing to a carrier, individuals must assess their monthly data consumption. Some carriers have data caps on their plans. Simply put, the company provides one with a specific amount of fast internet in a month, after which the speed drops. Moreover, they may also charge extra if individuals exceed the monthly data limit. Evaluating one’s monthly data consumption can help pick a suitable carrier and plan without worrying about crossing the limit and paying overage fees.

    4. Not checking the phone’s compatibility with the carrier
    Another mistake people often make is neglecting to check if their phone is compatible with the plans from their chosen carrier. Consequently, they have to change yet another provider, causing a lot of inconvenience. Thankfully, many carriers offer online tools to help users confirm whether their phone is compatible with the available plans. For instance, if one wishes to choose one of Verizon’s phone plus internet plans, they can use the company’s tool to check their phone’s compatibility. One must visit the website and enter the phone’s IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. This number can be obtained by dialing *#06#. Similarly, one can use their phone’s IMEI to check its compatibility with the plans from other carriers.

    Such tools also help determine if one’s phone is locked to their previous carrier. If so, the handset will only function with a new carrier once unlocked. Those facing such an issue can contact their current service provider and request instructions on unlocking the phone.

    5. Switching at an incorrect time
    It is crucial to transition from an old service provider to a new one at an appropriate time to avoid unnecessary charges. The right time to switch is when the previous carrier’s billing cycle is about to reset. Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose a person’s billing cycle with their current service provider resets on the 1st of every month. Now, if they switch on the 7th of that month, they will still have to pay for the whole month. Additionally, their new service, which will activate on the 7th, may charge them for the entire month. Switching at the end of the current carrier’s billing cycle prevents overlapping and unnecessary expenses.

    6. Canceling the previous service too soon
    An often overlooked mistake individuals frequently make when transitioning between phone carriers is hastily canceling their previous service. This mistake is particularly crucial to avoid if one wishes to retain their existing phone number. To ensure one can switch to a new carrier without losing their existing number, they must first inform their new carrier about it. For instance, if a person wishes to switch to one of Verizon’s phone plans, they must inform them beforehand. They can cancel their previous service once Verizon ensures the number has been successfully ported. Upon porting, most carriers close old accounts on their own; however, it is better to take the extra step of confirming the cancellation. Those looking to get Verizon phone internet plans while retaining their old number can visit the brands’ website to learn more.

  • Here’s What to Expect from the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series

    According to some sources, the upcoming launch of Samsung Galaxy S24 is creating a buzz in the market. The Samsung S23 was well received by its users, leading to high expectations from the new series. There are some rumored features and specifications that are expected to be included in the Samsung Galaxy S24, Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Here is what one can expect from these devices.

    The performance of the S24 series is expected to be top-notch with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor. This new processor is expected to be 50% faster than the previous Snapdragon Gen 2 processor that powers the S23 models. However, there might be variations in the processors used based on the region of the phone. Non-US models of the S24 and S24 Plus may have the Exynos 2400 processor instead of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. The S24 Ultra, on the other hand, is expected to feature only the Qualcomm chip. As the launch date approaches, we can expect more information on these specifics.

    Speculations about the design of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S24 series have been circulating in the tech community. While there has been no official confirmation from the brand, experts suggest that the new series may feature a flat frame design instead of the curved or rounded corners seen in previous models. It is anticipated that the S24 will have smaller bezels than the S23 and that the camera flash on the S24 Plus will be moved down slightly. The S24 Ultra is expected to have a flat screen with even slimmer bezels.

    Since Samsung has gradually been moving away from rounded corners, the flat screen may not be a complete surprise to their users after all. This new design also makes it easier and more convenient to hold the phone, making it safe to handle.

    The current S23 models have 120Hz display panels. However, with the release of the new series next year, most of the display panels will be upgraded to 144Hz, with the S24 Ultra leading the way. This upgrade will make scrolling on the device much smoother and seamless than before. Moreover, it offers a great improvement for mobile gamers, who are a significant market. Both the S24 Plus and S24 Ultra are expected to have a higher quality of WQHD+ resolution, and the refresh rate will also be 120Hz, making it an ideal choice for gamers.

    It has been reported that the brand is developing a new stacked battery design inspired by electric vehicles. The battery life of the new phones is expected to be significant due to the many functions and features they will handle throughout the day. Users can expect a longer battery life and more time between recharges. Charging speed is another technicality that the brand is working on now, and it is speculated that the charging will peak at 64W in the S24 Ultra. To give an idea, currently, the charging speed of the S23 is 25W, and the S23 Plus and Ultra is at 45W.

    There are several rumors about the camera specifications for the upcoming S24 series. Some people believe that Samsung may not make significant changes to the S23 series since those cameras are already of great quality. However, other reports suggest that the S24 Ultra model will have only three cameras and that both 3x and 10x telephoto lenses will be combined into one variable zoom lens. Still, others claim that Samsung may use a 5x optical lens for the Ultra model. As a result, the camera specifications for the S24 series remain unclear, and we’ll have to wait until closer to the launch date to know for sure.

    Software upgrades
    The phone will run on the Android 14 OS and Samsung’s One UI software. It has been reported that the phone will continue to use Google as its default search engine despite considering a switch to Bing. These software upgrades will be incorporated into the phone and progressively improve the user experience.

    As far as pricing is concerned, there is no specific number that has been suggested by anyone. However, just to give an idea, the S23 model starts at $799.99, the S23 Plus starts at $999.99, and the S23 Ultra starts at $1,169. The pricing may vary depending on the carrier and storage requirements. This gives an idea for a baseline pricing of S24 models, so keep an eye out for any announcements in the coming months.

  • 4 tactical boots you can buy in 2021

    Tactical boots are designed for professionals who need to move fast and be light on their feet. They are not just used by military personnel. And while out to buy a pair of shoes, everyone knows what size or color of boots they’re looking for, but do you know which brand will meet all your needs? To help you, here are some of the best tactical boots you can buy in 2021.

    Bates Men’s 8″ Ultra-Lites Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boots
    Bates Men’s Ultra Lites are one of the best lightweight tactical boots you can buy in 2021. The side zipper makes them easy and incredibly comfortable to put on or pull off, and that sure comes in handy if you’re in a rush. The soles are slip-resistant, so you’re safe on smooth and slippery surfaces. Additionally, these military boots have removable inserts to adjust the cushioning and comfort according to your preference.

    Under Armour Valsetz RTS
    Under Armour’s UA Valsetz RTS Tactical Boots are lightweight, durable, and slip-resistant. The textile upper and synthetic leather make them comfortable and offer great support. The Ultralight Micro G™ EVA midsole offers excellent cushioning for the feet. Under Armour has been a star in the world of athletes, so you can rest assured that their tactical boots are comfortable and reliable.

    Oakley Light Assault 2
    The Oakley Light Assault Boots are made to impress, and the newest version of the military boots is built with the aim to provide better mobility and protection. If you’re looking for agile, safe, and comfortable boots that will help you stay comfortable on long working days, this is the one for you. The Oakley assault boots offer superior stability and are available in four colors. Plus, you can just as easily and comfortably wear them outside of work.

    Reebok Rapid Response RB® RB8894 Men’s Stealth Boot with Side Zipper
    Reebok has been a renowned brand in the footwear world for a long time. So, it should come as no surprise that their product has pride of place in the list of the best tactical boots of 2021. These are one of the most durable and reliable terrain boots to put on and are perfect for adventures, including running up and down concrete streets or uneven terrains. The rubber sole gives the boots agility and slip-resistance, and they are also safe against any electrical mishap as they come with an embedded Shock Eliminator heel cushion.

  • 10 Incredible Gift and Flower Deals to Expect on Black Friday 2023

    A simple, personalized gift is enough to bring a smile to one’s face and make one’s day or week. These simple gestures of affection go a long way in conveying one’s feelings without the need for words. The best part is that such gifts are usually available at highly discounted prices during shopping seasons such as Black Friday. Based on last year’s deals, this article lists possible deals on flowers and gifts this Black Friday:

    Flower deals
    Pleasant flowers are more than mere props of beauty – sending flowers is a gesture of love, joy, and bliss and will remain “evergreen” in the arena of gift sharing. Here are some flower deals expected on Black Friday 2023:

    1. 1800Flowers: This website offers a plethora of subtle yet elegant gifts for various occasions, including a wide variety of pleasant, fragrant flowers. Last Black Friday, shoppers saved up to 50% on flower deals on this website. For example, its Assorted Roses in Luxury PoshTM vase was available at $79 off last shopping season. Hopefully, this Black Friday brings similar or better lucrative flower deals on 1800Flowers.

    2. Bouqs: The brilliantly hued bouquets offered on this website are sure to win the hearts of their recipients in no time. These uniquely named bouquets include Magnetic, Glowing, Exuberance, Tropical Love, and Sweet Escape. Bouqs sold all of its classic bouquets at 20% off on Black Friday last year, increasing buyers’ expectations this Black Friday.

    3. ProFlowers: From flower and gift bundles to special flower arrangements, this website offers a wide range of floral services to pick from. This year, the website is offering Black Friday coupons that can facilitate 15-30% off on its flowers.

    4. BloomsyBox: BloomsyBox is a subscription box dealing with the delivery of incredibly fresh flowers, which arrive in the form of buds and eventually unfold into beautiful flowers. The website offered a sitewide discount of 25% last Black Friday and hopefully will carry out a sale again this year.

    Gift deals
    The best gifts are not the most expensive or extravagant ones but simple gestures that touch the heart. Black Friday is the perfect time to look for gifts that perfectly integrate esthetics and functionality. Here are some ideal gifts likely to be offered at discounted prices this shopping season:

    1. Stone and Strand Initial Charm Necklaces: These delightful necklaces entail pendants containing the initials of the gift recipient and are extremely thoughtful gifts for her. Some of these necklaces, such as the Large Pave Diamond Initial Charm Necklace, were available for up to 20% off on the Stone and Strand website last year.

    2. Perfumes by Yves Saint Laurent: This brand is synonymous with some of the finest eau de parfums and toilettes, which make for phenomenal gifts on any occasion. The effect of these perfumes typically lasts for 7-9 hours and is sure to subtly attract the attention of those around. These perfumes are currently available at $12 off their original price at Walmart. Therefore, they may be sold at further discounted prices during the shopping season.

    3. Apple smartwatches: The Apple series smartwatches are perfect gifts for him and her to motivate a loved one to track their health and fitness. These watches are equipped with an array of health-monitoring functions, from optical heart sensors and irregular heart rhythm notifications to mobility and cardio fitness trackers and extensive sleep monitors. Some of the latest Apple smartwatches were offered on sale last Black Friday. For example, the Apple Watch Ultra was available at $60 off on Black Friday last year.

    4. Sony Playstation gaming console/accessories: There cannot be a better gift than a Sony Playstation gaming console or accessories for a video gamer. Last year, during Black Friday, Walmart offered a $20 discount on the latest Sony PS5 DualSense Wireless Controller. Last year, some other Sony PS deals included $100 off on the PS4 Pro Black, a $150 discount on the PS Slim Black, and 25% off on one-year Playstation membership plans.

    5. Dagne Dover Dakota backpack: This spacious backpack may be easily attached to one’s suitcase while traveling and is an excellent holiday gift. Its chunky zippers and attached luggage loop are some of its other desirable features. This backpack was available at $50 off last Black Friday and may go on sale this year as well.

    6. Nixplay digital photo frame: The Nixplay digital photo frame is a perfect gift for parents and grandparents as it does not require extensive knowledge of technology. One can easily select photos and videos from their camera roll on the Nixplay app and send them to the gift recipient by selecting a frame. The photo frame is touchscreen and comes with a compact remote, making it easy to use. This digital photo frame was available at a 30% discount during last year’s sale and is expected to be offered at discounted prices this Black Friday.

  • 10 Cyber Monday fitness tracker deals to watch out for

    Whether you want to buy a fitness tracker for yourself or to give it as a gift to someone close to you, pick one up during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. These sale would help you find the best one with the most features at an affordable price. Here’s a list of the discounts on fitness trackers that were available on Cyber Monday last year, so you know what to look forward to this year.

    Fitbit Charge 5

    This fitness tracker is one of the best on the market. It is water resistant and has a battery life that can last up to a week. It also has a GPS and various health sensors. It is lightweight, which makes it easy to wear, and you can easily read the information you want from it even in direct sunlight. On Cyber Monday, this device was available for around $130 on Amazon.

    Garmin Instinct Solar

    You could get $150 off this fitness tracker on Cyber Monday last year if you bought it at BestBuy. This device gets its power from the sun, and hence, you never have to worry about the battery running out. The Garmin Instinct Solar has an amazing GPS feature and provides you with the necessary notifications you might need when on the go.

    Amazfit Band 5

    You could find these Amazon-brand fitness trackers at discounted prices last year on Cyber Monday. Among them is this device the can measure blood oxygen levels and monitor the heart rate. The Amazfit Band 5 is compatible with Alexa and has a 1.1-inch easy-to-read AMOLED display. Ut was priced at just $30 during the mega sales event, which was probably one of the most affordable.

    TicWatch GTH

    Combing the features of both a smartwatch and a fitness tracker is this device that was available on Amazon at a low price. This device has long battery life with plenty of health tracking features, including a skin temperature sensor.

    Fitbit Luxe

    Despite the Fitbit Luxe’s original price of nearly $150, this device was available on Amazon, Best Buy, and the brand website at less than $100. It has many functions and is sleek and stylish enough to pass off as a smartwatch. Look for a price drop this year too.

    Gramin Vivosmart

    Another device that saw its price drop to less than $100 on Best Buy and Amazon was this done. Although it does have a step tracker, sleep tracker, and heart rate monitor, it lacks GPS. Moreover, some users might find the screen a tad small.

    Xiaomi Mi Band 6

    This band is great for those just starting on their fitness journey. It is simple and easy to use and has excellent features, including water resistance and long battery life. It was available at quite a reasonable price last year, and the same is expected this year too.

    Apple Watch Series 5

    This watch is water resistant which makes it good for those that love swimming. It also has a built-in GPS, which is perfect for running, hiking, and walking. It was available on Amazon for just around $460, the original price was about $750.

    Fitbit Versa 2
    This tracker is one of the most popular wearables and with good reason. It not only tracks your fitness and health but can also give you news, information, and more by connecting to Alexa. You can also easily control your smart home devices.

    Fitbit Ace 3

    This can be a good choice if you’re trying to encourage your child to be healthier. It can not only be used to track sleep and activity but also remind them of chores that need to be done. It might be available for about $30 on Cyber Monday.

    Fitness trackers can make the perfect gifts for the holiday season. So ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the deals and discounts that are offered on Cyber Monday.

  • 4 amazing laptop deals to check out now

    Back-to-school season is officially here, and that means it’s time for some back-to-school shopping. Since most of our schoolwork has migrated online these days, a quality laptop and high-speed internet have become basic necessities for any student. Selecting the right laptop for your needs is crucial to get the most out of your purchase. Thankfully, searching for a good laptop at a reasonable price isn’t stressful anymore. Here are the best laptop deals in 2021.

    Apple MacBook Air
    Although this option is more expensive than the others on this list, we highly recommend buying the Apple MacBook Air if you can. The latest version features the M1 processor and an eight-core CPU, which is much faster than the previous renditions of the MacBook. Moreover, it’s currently available on Amazon for just $849.99, a far cry from its list price of $999.

    Dell Vostro 5510
    Dell has been stepping up its game in terms of making powerful laptops for really competitive prices. The Dell Vostro 5510 features the 11th gen Intel Core in a quad-core CPU processor with 8GB RAM and a 256GB SSD. Moreover, you don’t have to walk around with your charger everywhere you go with this laptop; its ExpressCharge feature allows you to charge up to 80 percent in just an hour. The device is currently being retailed for a special price of $699.00 on Dell’s website, almost half of its original cost.

    Acer Chromebook 311
    If you’re looking for a highly affordable laptop, consider the Acer Chromebook 311. It features an Intel Celeron N4020 processor, 4 GB RAM, and a 32 GB eMMC. It’s also incredibly slim and light, an excellent choice for those who need to take it to school every day and would prefer something less bulky. Moreover, it’s easy on your wallet, too, making it one of the best laptop deals in 2021. The Acer Chromebook 311 is available at Walmart for a fantastic price of around $203.

    Lenovo 14 S330 Chromebook
    The Lenovo 14 S330 Chromebook is a two-in-one laptop that can be fully flipped back and used as a tablet. It features a dual-core Intel Celeron N4000 processor, 4GB RAM, and 32GB eMMC SSD, along with an Intel UHD Graphics 600. You can get this fantastic laptop at Walmart for approximately $199, almost $100 less than its actual price.

    Chromebooks are some of the best laptops for students. They are ideal for users who do not need to run multiple software simultaneously. Chromebooks are not susceptible to malware as compared to other laptops in a similar price range. The Google Pixelbook Go is considered to be one of the best Chromebooks from Google. This Google laptop can be purchased on sale on multiple online shopping sites, with the average price being anywhere between $649 to $999.  

  • Best Molekule air purifiers of 2021

    Molekule air purifiers are somewhat of a rage in the market currently. The brand has done a superb job of communicating its state-of-the-art technology that gives other air purifiers a run for their money. Most purifiers use what is called the HEPA technology to keep the environment dust-free, but Molekule uses something more special–the PECO technology.

    Molekule technology
    The brand has been marketing its products for its unique PECO technology, different from most other air purifiers. Photo Electrochemical Oxidation (PECO) is a technology that traps harmful dust particles and destroys them completely, making the air pure. 

    Molekule has a regular motor and a pre-filter that traps dust particles, pet hair, and other pollutants. Still, their special PECO technology breaks down these harmful particulates into basic molecular components that are safe to be in the environment. After a few test runs, it was observed that it could destroy mold spores and allergens like pollen as well.

    Products to choose from
    Let’s find out the best Molekule Air Purifiers of 2021:

    • Air Mini
      The Air Mini is ideal for a room size of up to 250 square feet and can be purchased at the price of around $399 from Molekule’s official website.  
    • Air Mini Plus
      There’s no particular difference between the Air Mini and the Plus models, except for some add-on features present in the latter, such as the matter sensor, particle level indicator, and auto-protect. These additional features bring the price of Air Mini Plus to approximately $500.
    • Air
      This model is suitable for rooms as big as 600 square feet. The design is minimalistic, and the product comes with a leather strap, which is also found in other Molekule models, for easy portability. It is priced at approximately $800 on the website.
    • Air Pro
      The Pro model is ideal for rooms that are up to 1000 square feet big. You would be surprised at how this small machine can clean up the air for such a big space. This is Molekule’s top-most model, priced at approximately $1200.

    Design and specifications
    The design is simple and attractive, making it an esthetically pleasing product to keep around the house. It sure makes for a useful and elegant purchase, with powerful technology and sleek design.

    Usually, air purifiers are powered up to 100W; however, with the heavy technology, the Pro product can use up to 153W of power. It is also a bit noisy. That said, it works well for a room as big as 1000 square feet.

    What to choose
    The choice between the four products solely depends on the room size. So be sure to get your measurements right. Apart from that, the technology remains the same, and the products make for an excellent choice for a cleaner environment.

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