• 3-step skincare regime and products for supple skin

    Everyone wants to look their best. Being appreciated for your looks and beauty is something everyone enjoys. Beautiful, healthy skin is something that you’re often born with. But that said, with the right care you can alter your skin’s texture, look, and attractiveness. A skin care regime is of the utmost importance to improve and maintain your skin’s health. Skin is the largest organ of the body. It’s vital to take good care of your skin to ensure it stays healthy and timeless.

    Taking care of your skin-

    The skin being the outermost protective layer of tissue of the body is of great importance to the well being of the human body. It serves the following functions:

    • It helps regulate your body temperature
    • It protects your body from external elements and microbes
    • It acts as a waterproof barrier for your internal tissues
    • It provides a natural complexion to the person

    It is generally your skin that faces the brunt of harsh environmental elements like heat, cold, pollutants, and dirt. If you neglect proper skin care or other factors that are harmful, your skin can face several problems. Some commonly faced skin problems include:

    • Rashes
    • Disease
    • Skin peeling or eczema
    • Boils
    • Pigmentation
    • Acne or breakouts
    • Blemishes
    • Chronic skin problems

    To avoid this, it’s essential that you keep your skin clean and get rid of the of dirt and other pollutants you’re exposed to daily.

    Know the 3-step care for a good skincare regime-

    Taking care of your skin involves keeping it clean and maintaining its balance. Skin care experts stress that a basic 3-step skincare regime, that you should follow every day, can ensure supple, healthy skin for longer. The 3 essential steps are:

    • Cleansing
      This mainly involves washing and cleaning the skin with a cleanser that rids the skin of pollutants, dirt, and makeup. Occasionally, a gentle scrub is recommended to deep-cleanse the skin, clean your skin’s pores, and remove rough and dead skin cells.
    • Toning
      This step refers to applying a soothing toner to the skin that calms the cleansed skin and helps the skin regain its pH balance. Toning helps get rid of dead skin cells that otherwise give a dull look. It clears the skin from within. It also closes open pores on the skin where dirt might accumulate.
    • Moisturizing
      Here, a suitable solution is applied to the skin that helps the skin retain moisture. The cleansing and toning process leaves the skin bare and devoid of moisture. Hence, this moisture is restored by using suitable moisturizing products that are absorbed by your skin. Moisture is, after all, the essence of life.

    The CTM approach, if followed on a regular basis, is said to help curb most skin problems. The CTM process is an investment in yourself that is bound to ensure you have beautiful skin for life.

    Types of skin care products-

    With consumers demanding more and more best skin care products, cosmetic and herbal companies are bringing out newer, improved, result-oriented skin care products. In fact, the market is flourishing with hundreds of best skin care products. You can be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing the best skin care products from the shelves of malls, shops, and beauty stores across the globe.

    But it is important to know your skin well to opt for the best skin care products from the range of items on display. Using the wrong product can result in side-effects, and can take a serious toll on your skin.

    Leading brands like Glossier and Josie Maran understand that the best skin care products need to be more focused towards the needs and requirements of the customers. Just like customers differ from one another, so do their skin problems and product requirements.

    Skin types differ from person to person as well. Hence, every individual needs a separate set of products based on their skin type and the problem they face. There are various types of skin care products developed by prominent companies like Tatcha, Bioderma, and several others. Some common best skin care products are:

    • Cleansing milk or lotion
    • Body and face wash
    • Exfoliating gel, cream or scrub
    • Toner
    • Moisturizing cream or lotion
    • Anti-ageing cream or gel
    • Under-eye cream or gel
    • Sun protection cream, gel, or lotion
    • Body or face oil
    • Skin brightening cream
    • Fairness cream
    • Skin pack or mask
    • Astringent
    • Serum
    • Makeup remover
    • Skin tanner
    • Acne removal cream
    • Anti-wrinkle cream

    Healthy, glowing, soft, and supple skin makes a person look and feel good. It usually doesn’t require makeup or any external additions to accentuate beauty. After all, healthy skin is a timeless beauty in itself.

  • The effects of pineapples on the skin

    Pineapples are abundant in antioxidants, fibers, vitamins, and water – properties that are beneficial for the skin. Therefore, people often eat pineapples or apply them topically to their skin to boost their skin health. However, there are a few points to note before eating the fruit or before applying it topically. It is also recommended to consult a health professional before applying any such fruit to the skin. 

    The benefits of consuming pineapples
    Pineapples contain multiple health benefits. The fruit contains bromelain – a powerful enzyme with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antioxidant properties when it comes to skin. The fruit also contains vitamin C, which also has benefits for the skin like:

    • Increasing collagen production to give the skin structure and maintain plasticity
    • Preventing damage to skin cells caused by free radicals
    • Improving the pace of healing wounds by complimenting the production of new skin cells

    Topical benefits of pineapples
    People often resort to applying pineapple to their skin in the form of homemade serums and face masks. There even exist skincare products that contain pineapple extract or bromelain. Some studies describe the benefits of applying pineapple-based products to the skin.

    • Face wash with bromelain extract is known to prevent acne-causing bacteria.
    • People who applied the pineapple extract cream twice daily noticed a reduction in skin irritation, oil production, and melasma.

    The limitations of the topical/oral use of pineapples
    Though pineapple extracts are beneficial to the skin, applying too much may have adverse effects. The risk factors of consuming pineapples or applying lotions with pineapple extracts include:

    • A slightly swollen tongue or redness around the mouth (the symptom may occur because bromelain is a potent enzyme and a common cause of skin irritation)
    • No strong evidence to show positive results of topical use of pineapples
    • The skin does not easily absorb the healthy properties of fresh pineapples

    Pineapples contain several antioxidants, nutrients, and a healthy enzyme that benefits the skin. But applying the crowned fruit directly to the skin may have side effects and cause skin irritation. Therefore, we recommend using specially curated skincare products with pineapple or bromelain extracts to enjoy the benefits of topical pineapple.

  • Avoid these 5 skin care mistakes to prevent premature aging

    The skin is one of the largest organs in the body, consisting of many layers stretching out a massive twenty square feet. From head to toe, billions of skin cells are being destroyed and created naturally as part of the body’s daily functions. But you may unknowingly make several cosmetic mistakes during the day and night that can trigger problems linked to premature aging. Here are the top five to avoid at all costs.

    Not using sunscreen
    That little dab of SPF15 and SPF30 protection is necessary if you live in tropical climates or places of extreme heat. Mainly because direct exposure to UV rays is cited as one of the main reasons for premature aging. Repeated exposure can lead to rough, scaly skin, excess pigmentation, and visible wrinkles that develop as the skin loses its hydration. In fact, experts recommend using sunscreen while going out, even in the colder months, as the snow and chilly weather can trap and reflect more sunlight, thus increasing exposure. It is better to use mineral-based sunscreens that contain active ingredients to counter the inflammation and oxidative stress caused by UV exposure. Additionally, a tinted moisturizer sunscreen can help the skin get a beautiful glow. Being lighter than full-coverage foundations, tiny amounts of tinted sunscreen can even out the skin tone. The multifunctional product also provides hydration with ingredients like aloe vera and hyaluronic acid while protecting the skin from sun damage. There are various tinted face and body moisturizers for dry, sensitive, and oily skin. Brands like bareMinerals, IT Cosmetics, and EltaMD develop these for different complexions. Another brand, Undefined, creates tinted face moisturizers with SPF 50 that are effective as sunscreens.

    Using cosmetics without knowledge
    Different types of cosmetic products are designed for different skin care purposes. Using or applying at the wrong time can have adverse skin problems. Also, you need to consider your skin type and assess its chemical composition before applying it daily. Experts recommend the patch test to try new products and see if the skin has any adverse reactions. It is better to switch to cosmetics that are free of artificial preservatives, parabens, metals, and even perfumes that can trigger an allergic reaction. If you have also recently gotten a tattoo, your skin will still be healing from the process of machine-inking. Experts suggest using saran wrap to avoid the skin directly touching any other surface while sleeping and advice using special antibacterial tattoo wipes to prevent a skin infection. Cleaning the area frequently and limiting exposure to common allergens or pollutants are also important steps for proper tattoo care at night.

    Improper nutrition and lifestyle
    Lack of proper nutrition and poor lifestyle choices are often cited as one of the major causes of skin problems. For example, an excess sugar intake can cause premature aging as skin cells begin to deteriorate due to active cell damage. Sugary foods and beverages can trigger the breakdown of collagen and elastin. Without these compounds, the skin loses its texture and quality resulting in fine lines and wrinkles forming prematurely. Also, lack of sleep is one of the most harmful and often undetected triggers of skin problems. Ever heard the term beauty sleep? Well, there is a scientific reason behind it. Skin cells are constantly shedding and being represented, and this process is at its peak when you are sleeping. Not getting adequate rest can slow down this process affecting the skin’s hydration and regeneration levels. Extended periods of sleeplessness can also lead to skin inflammation that causes various problems.

    Makeup mistakes
    Sleeping with makeup on is a cardinal sin. This action can trigger premature skin problems that lead to early aging. Also, simply wiping these layers off with wet tissues or face wipes will not help. Makeup left overnight can clog the pores and cause the skin to dry out. Improper pore care is one of the primary triggers of acne breakout as the oil, pus, and debris starts collecting under the skin. Simply covering these breakouts with more layers will only further cause the skin to breakout and scar. Multiple layers left overnight also increase the risk of oxidative damage to healthy skin cells. So, at all costs, always remove makeup and moisturize well before bed.

    Forgetting about the lower neck and hands
    Skin care is not limited to just the face. Many people forget that signs of aging can also show in the neck region and on the hands. Even neglecting the décolleté (lower neck and chest) region can unknowingly trigger spots of discoloration because of the inconsistent skincare routine. Pay attention to these areas, as you can easily miss these spots. Also, try and maintain consistency in the routine, as constantly switching products or changing habits can also wreak havoc on the skin’s natural ability to heal and restore cells.

  • Top 4 eyelash and brow serums

    Long eyelashes and bushy brows are all the rage right now. People have been investing in eyelash extensions, falsies, and even splurging on expensive products to perfect their lash and brow game. But did you know that you can also promote lash and brow growth with the help of serums? In this article, we discuss a few of the best top lash and brow growth serums that will help you achieve just that.


    If you’re looking for a good lash and brow growth serum, you may want to check out Latisse. It is the only FDA-approved eyelash serum that is available in prescription strength. The serum is formulated with bimatoprost, an active ingredient that helps stimulate growth in the eyelashes in four to six weeks. It’s a super-powerful product; however, if overused or misused, it can lead to irritation in the eye and even potentially cause eye-color change. It costs around $100 and is available on a precipitation basis on certain online stores.

    GrandeLash MD 

    When it comes to over-the-counter top last and brow growth serums, GrandeLash MD is one of the best. The $65 serum promotes natural lash growth and works to help achieve those thick lashes. Aside from promoting new and thick growth, GrandeLash MD also helps strengthen the already present eyelashes and hydrates them. Proper use will result in longer and better-looking lashes in four to six weeks.

    CoverGirl Lash Blast Lash & Brow Serum

    The CoverGirl Lash Blast Lash & Brow Serum is made to tackle brittle lashes and brows. It is made from a combination of bamboo extract, peptides, castor oil, and biotin that smoothens, strengthens, and thickens lashes with consistent use. The best part of this top lash and brow growth serum is its consistency and texture. The serum is smooth to apply and is suitable to use under mascara or other makeup products. What also makes this a must-have is its $13 drug-store price.

    LashFood Phyto‐Medic Eyelash Enhancer

    Another must-have top lash and brow growth serum is the LashFood Phyto‐Medic Eyelash Enhancer. This serum comes in the form of a clear gel, which is made from soy proteins and lavender water, which strengthen and thicken lashes. The LashFood Phyto‐Medic Eyelash Enhancer also comes with a thin brush applicator that coats the product evenly and easily on both the bottom and top lashes. Moreover, this serum is also Ecocert-certified, meaning that all or most of the ingredients used to make it are organically grown and responsibly sourced.

  • 5 perfume hacks for a long-lasting scent

    No matter how expensive your perfume may be, applying it the wrong way can only make it last for a couple of hours. Smelling nice can make us feel fresh and give our confidence a big boost. After all, who doesn’t want to bask in the aura of their fragrance? So, from storing your perfume correctly to applying it, these hacks will make the allure of your signature scent last all day.

    Moisturize before spraying
    Spraying on moisturized or damp skin helps the perfume last longer as the fragrances fuse with the surface. The best time to apply your favorite perfume is right after a shower. You can also use an unscented moisturizing lotion before use.

    Catch the pulse
    Applying perfumes on a pulsating vein is the most suggested hack for making a fragrance last longer. The surface of the skin is thinnest in these areas as well as the warmest. Consequently, this warmth makes the fragrance stay on for quite a while. Ideal areas for application include the wrists, elbows, behind the ears, and clavicles.

    Avoid rubbing the wrists
    Now that you’re aware of the pulse points, rubbing them against each other after spraying may feel intuitive. But this plan always backfires because the top notes fade away quicker than expected. Usually, a fruity or musky note is used as the initial fragrance that makes for a strong first impression.

    Don’t keep perfumes in the bathroom
    If your perfume bottles are constantly exposed to changes in heat, light, and humidity, the quality and intensity of the scent will break down. We recommend storing your bottles in a vanity box or any other cool and dry place in the house.

    Layer the scents
    This hack not only lets you create your custom scent but also helps it last longer. Try a few combinations on an applicator before deciding which one to use on your skin. Once you’ve found the right blend, spray the strongest fragrance first and then top it with a lighter one to make sure that the former doesn’t overpower the latter.

    Spray your clothes too
    The last and easiest hack to make perfumes last long is a light spray on your outfit. As the body’s natural oils accumulate on the surface throughout the day, the fragrance you apply to the skin will need an extra layer on your clothes.

  • Things to know before opting for dental veneers

    Teeth veneers are covers attached in front of your natural teeth to give them an enhanced appearance. They are wafer-thin shells permanently fixed to the teeth that are made of porcelain or resin-based composite. They are often used to hide chipped, broken, or discolored teeth or fill the gap between them.

    Here are some factors you need to know before opting for this procedure:

    • Cost
      Porcelain teeth veneers are more expensive than composite ones since they last anywhere between 15 and 20 years. This type of teeth veneer is less likely to stain. According to American Dental Association, they cost anywhere between $925 and $2500 per tooth. Composite veneers cost between $250 and $1500. They have a lifespan of five to seven years but can easily stain or break if proper care is not taken. The prices of teeth veneers may vary due to certain factors like geographical location, fees of the dental surgeon, the material used, and the number of teeth being treated. Most insurance companies do not cover the cost of teeth veneers since they fall under cosmetic surgery.

    • Procedure
      Teeth veneers take about two to six weeks to place. First, your dentist will diagnose and examine any oral health concerns you may have. You will get to choose your teeth color from a special shade chart. Next, your dentist will administer an anesthetic to minimize any pain, and the natural tooth will be minimally reshaped using a rotational device called a bur. For composite resin veneers, your dental surgeon will apply the shaded composite material on the tooth and harden it with a high-intensity light. In porcelain veneers, an impression of your teeth will be taken to build a mold. A temporary custom-fit will be made and tested on your teeth for any adjustments. After this, a final one will be permanently fixed to the teeth.

    • Result
      Individuals who do not have success with other dental procedures like retainers, braces, or teeth whitening typically opt for veneers to fix odd, crooked, or pointed teeth. They also help cover stains and decay. Teeth veneers are helpful for individuals who wish for long-term solutions. It can be a heavy investment but worthwhile for those who want to make their smile appear better. Their aftercare is important since broken veneers cannot be repaired.
  • Helpful tips to maintain hair regularly

    You may spend hours on the internet searching for a good pair of kicks and outfits to wear when you step out. But imagine wearing an eye-catching outfit, only to be photographed for social media with frizzy and unkempt hair. Keeping your hair in check is more complicated than most individuals can imagine. So, here are ten hair care routines to ensure you have a perfect hairdo wherever you go.

    Try hair oil
    A few drops of hair oil can prevent scalp dehydration, keep the hair in place (similar to hair creams or gels), and give each strand a shiny and lustrous look. Moreover, using a little oil daily will also make it easier for the scalp to absorb, which prevents pore blockage.

    Use hydrating shampoo twice a week
    Shampooing daily can dry out the hair, strip off the nourishing oils, and result in fluffy, dry hair that is difficult to manage. So we recommend using a hydrating shampoo only twice a week. Unlike regular options, hydrating ones contain nourishing oils that can extract dirt from the pores.

    Use a conditioner
    While you should use conditioner after washing off shampoo, it is also essential to condition the hair daily. Look for nutrient-rich options that contain ingredients like quinoa, aloe, vitamins A, B, C, and E, amino acids, and bamboo. These properties can repair, hydrate, and strengthen hair. 

    Own a blow dryer
    Blow dryers are easy to come by and a good choice for good-looking hair. After a shower, the dryer heats the hair, allowing you to style your hair the way you want.

    Wash oily hair regularly
    If you have oily hair, you should consider washing it at least once a day to prevent clogging of the pores. However, you should consult a hair care specialist before using any hair care products.

    Take precautions while swimming
    Chlorine can have adverse effects on your hair. So before swimming, ensure to use a tight-fitting swim cap. You should also use a shampoo and deep conditioner specially formulated for swimming. These can help revitalize lost moisture.

    Use quality hair products
    The ingredients of each hair product are different. So when you decide to try certain hair creams, wax, clay, putty, fibers, or pastes, ask a hairstylist, barber, or hair care specialist about the ideal one for your hair. Also, read the labels for ingredients.

    Detangle before showering
    Wet hair is more susceptible to breakage if it is entangled. So it’s good practice to use a wide tooth comb to brush and detangle your hair for about a minute before entering a shower.

    Eat balanced, healthy meals
    The food you eat can have a significant impact on the quality of your hair. Ensure that you include foods like salmon, eggs, beans, berries, and avocados in your daily meal plans. These food items are rich in properties, including vitamin C, vitamin E, proteins, and omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential for your body and hair.

    Avoid hot showers
    While you might not notice this, a regular hot shower can burn the scalp, lead to irritation and even weaken hair growth. As a workaround, avoid extremely hot baths and stick to warm water instead. We also recommend indulging in a quick cold-water rinse to improve shine and seal the cuticles.

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