• Simple ways to achieve a healthy and shiny dog coat

    Your dog’s coat is one of the first things anyone notices about them. It is also said to be an indicator of their health, both inside and out. Digestive problems, heartworms, flea and tick infestations, and even stress can cause their coat to lose texture. So, if you want your dog to have healthy, shiny, and enviably glossy fur, you must take certain precautions. Here are three easy ways to obtain that dream coat.

    Proper nutrition
    A healthy coat comes from a healthy body, which, in turn, comes from healthy food. So, give your dog the right amount of protein, omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, and other essential nutrients. In most cases, a dull coat results from unbalanced meals that fail to meet the body’s nutritional needs. It is recommended to choose whole foods-based meals to benefit your pet in the long run.

    Regular grooming
    Regular grooming activities like brushing helps stimulate blood circulation to the coat, making it shiny. It also helps get rid of dead skin and damaged fur. Try brushing both ways, as doing so is said to add shine to the coat. Another common practice is regular bathing. An oatmeal bath will take care of any itching if they have a flea and tick infestation.

    Timely vet visits
    If regular grooming and balanced meals do not help, you might want to contact your vet. Problems like digestive distress, hormonal imbalance, metabolic issues, and parasites like fleas and ticks can result in an unhealthy coat if left unchecked for long. Many experts recommend an annual complete physical check-up, irrespective of any problems.

    Achieving a shiny and healthy dog coat involves choosing whole foods over processed varieties, grooming, regular vet visits, and natural supplements rather than chemical ones. However, in some instances, like a major flea and tick infestation, it can become necessary to include store-bought solutions to protect your dog against the tiny monsters.

    K9 Advantix® II
    K9 Advantix® II is a topical treatment for ticks and fleas in dogs. It also works on flea eggs and larvae. In addition, K9 Advantix® II can prevent heartworms in dogs by killing infected mosquitoes before they bite. It is advised to let the topical solution air dry instead of rubbing it into their coat. The solution starts working within two hours of application and can be reused after a month.

    Simparica (sarolaner) Chewables
    Simparica (sarolaner) is an FDA-approved oral prescription for ticks and fleas in dogs. It comes in the form of chewable tablets that must be given once a month. Simparica tablets for dogs can eliminate adult fleas and prevent infections from Gulf Coast ticks, black-legged ticks, and lone star ticks. The tablet’s effects are long-lasting and can protect your pet for up to 35 days.

  • Home remedies to prevent flea and tick infestations

    Keeping your dogs safe from fleas and ticks can be an exhausting job. The constant scratching and biting can be tiring and unhealthy. Not only this, it can bring down the mood of your furry friend, affecting the whole household. Therefore, it is better to stay prepared in case of an unforeseen pest attack. This article talks about some effective and accessible natural remedies that will give you and your dogs some much-needed relief.

    Home remedies for fleas and ticks in dogs

    • Natural oils
      Natural or essential oils must be diluted first, after which you can use them as a spray or a pre-bath rinse. Alternatively, you can dilute them with carrier oils and massage them into their coat. Whatever you do, make sure to get your vet’s approval beforehand.
    • Garlic
      Garlic has various nutritional benefits apart from being an antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral agent. Don’t get too concerned about its strong odor. Add a small amount of crushed garlic to your pet’s food and watch this natural remedy work its magic.
    • Vinegar
      Another natural remedy that is not only easily accessible but can double up as a flea and tick repellant for dogs is vinegar. You can dilute it with water and use it as a spray. Or, if your dog does not mind its taste, add very small amounts of it to their drinking water. Similarly, you can also make use of apple cider vinegar.

    While these are all commonly used natural remedies, some pet parents prefer trying medicated ointments or powders to help their dogs get rid of fleas and ticks. It is recommended to consult a vet to know the best course of action before proceeding.

    Medications for fleas and ticks in dogs

    • FRONTLINE® Plus
      A powerful topical solution, it can beat ticks and fleas at all stages of their lifecycle. The formula is composed of two primary ingredients: fipronil and (S)-methoprene. FRONTLINE® Plus offers protection against future infestation for as long as 30 days. You can buy it in doses of three months, six months, or nine months. After the application, take care that your dog stays dry for 48 hours.
    • NexGard®
      NexGard® is a perfectly safe FDA-approved chewable medication that your dogs might actually welcome. The beef-flavored pill fights different types of ticks: the brown ticks, the black-legged ticks, the Lone Star ticks, and the American dog tick.
    • Simparica Trio™
      Simparica Trio™ is another reliable chewable medication. Composed of moxidectin, pyrantel, and sarolaner, these are also effective against roundworms, hookworms, and heartworm disease. The FDA-approved medicine can be safely administered in pups as young as eight weeks as long as they weigh 2.8lbs. Tests confirm that the effects of this oral medication can be seen in eight hours.
      BRAVECTO® offers chewable tablets and topical solutions for tick and flea protection for dogs of all ages and breeds. A single dose is effective for a period of 12 weeks. You can give the chewable tablet mixed in pet food or apply the topical solution directly to their skin between the shoulder blades for long-term flea and tick management.

    Pet owners can also try purchasing a flea collar for their four-legged companions.

    Developed by Bayer, a German pharmaceutical company, Seresto is one of the most popular flea and tick collars. It works by releasing medicine on the dog’s hair and skin surface, offering protection against fleas, ticks, and lice continuously for eight months. Seresto flea collar is designed to be convenient, non-greasy, and odorless, but strong enough to kill or repel fleas and ticks, kill lice, and even treat and control sarcoptic mange on dogs.

  • 4 human foods that are safe for cats

    If you have pet cats at home and occasionally feed them from your plate, you must know which foods are safe for them. Cats can be greedy eaters, and irrespective of the cute faces they make at the dinner table, it’s best not to give them anything besides cat food until you’re a hundred percent sure. To help you, we’ve listed a few human foods that are safe for cats to eat.

    Cats love fish, and vets recommend feeding them fish-based cat foods. Most options are rich in omega-3 and other nutrients. Oily fish, in particular, like tuna, salmon, or mackerel, is excellent for their eyesight and joints. However, don’t feed your feline straight from the can; they might lick it too aggressively and cut their tongues. It’s best to provide them with cooked pieces that have no bones.

    Whole grains
    Grains are power-packed with nutrients and are healthy for both humans and cats. Oats, mainly, have lots of protein, but not many cats like it. Some cats prefer coarse food made from brown rice and cornmeal. If you’re not feeding your cat meat or fish, whole grains can be a good substitute. You can cook smaller grains like millet, couscous, or wheat berries at home.

    Boiled eggs
    Boiled eggs are an excellent source of vitamin B and protein and are healthy for your cat. But ensure the eggs are cooked well to avoid bacteria like salmonella or E. coli from entering your feline’s system. Moreover, some cats can be allergic to eggs, so proceed with caution.

    Fresh veggies and fruits
    While not all cats are vegetable and fruit lovers since they cannot taste the sweet flavors, some do nibble on fresh fruits and veggies. Cucumber, cantaloupe, steamed broccoli or asparagus, baked carrots, and green beans have the proper nutrients and minerals.

    Apart from the above, you can buy healthy pet treats from stores. Cat food brands like Royal Canin have amazing sales on their assorted range on websites like Chewy, PetSmart, and Petco. Other brands known for high-quality cat food include Blue Buffalo, Wellness, Purina, and Merrick Backcountry. Further, consider the following if you’re looking for specific benefits:

    IAMS weight control cat food
    The specially formulated weight control cat food from IAMS contains L-carnitine. L-carnitine helps burn calories and maintain a healthy metabolism if supported by physical activity.

    GREENIES healthy pet treats
    Available in two flavors, SMARTBITES™ is a healthy cat treat option from GREENIES. Each treat provides your cat with the nourishment it deserves.

    Friskies Indoor cat food
    Friskies’ Indoor cat food line promotes nutrition in indoor cats. They also have foods to boost the immune system.

    Holistapet calming cat treats
    Holistapet offers a range of healthy cat treats that have a calming effect on your pet and even promote urinary health.

    If your cat has kidney disease, it is advisable to feed them products keeping the disease and nutrition in mind. Thankfully, several brands make such foods. Some of the best foods for cats with kidney disease include Hill’s Prescription K/D Kidney Care, Royal Canin Renal Support, Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet™ K+M Support, and Darwin’s Natural Intelligent Design™ KS Kidney Support. All these foods are low in phosphorus, a mineral that could worsen kidney disease. 

  • 5 best dog collars for tick and flea protection

    Tick and flea season can be extremely frustrating for your furry friends! The bites and infections cause consistent itching, but some bites can also lead to infections that cause tick fever and other potentially fatal complications. Always speak to your vet regarding medicines and methods used for avoiding ticks and fleas all year round. And to make sure that your pooch stays clean, here are some of the best options for tick and flea collars.

    TevraPet ProAct™
    TevraPet uses a waterproof design for their collars to keep the deltamethrin effective through the six months of usage. This chemical kills both fleas and ticks on your dog’s fur and skin on contact and gives the whole body protection from these insects. Say bye-bye to tick or flea bites that can irritate your furry friend.

    SENTRY® Dual Action Flea & Tick Dog Collar
    Sentry uses a chemical called deltamethrin to protect your dog from fleas on your pet. The collar is designed to work against adult fleas by killing them quickly and thus preventing any eggs from being laid in your pooch’s fur. You can use the collar for up to six months and also not worry about keeping it dry as it is waterproof.

    Virbac PREVENTIC® Tick Collar for Dogs
    Collars made by this brand comprise an insecticide called amitraz that works on different types of common insects found during tick season, like deer ticks, lone star ticks, and of course dog ticks. The collar kills and detaches the tick from the body and is good for 90 days. This is a short-term tick solution compared to the other collars.

    Hartz® UltraGuard Pro® Flea & Tick Collar for Dogs and Puppies
    This collar works well on both ticks and fleas owing to the a combination of tetrachlorvinphos and methoprene. This amazing product kills and repels pests from all their life stages—from eggs to larvae to adults. One of the many concerns about these pests is their eggs, but with the insecticide used in this, it gives a full-body protection against them.

    Vet’s Best Flea & Tick Repellent Dog Collar
    Vet’s Best uses natural ingredients like cedarwood and peppermint oils on their collar to help prevent fleas and ticks. Unfortunately, the collar can be worn only for four months. However, it is also water resistant and does not contain harmful insecticides that you or your dog may be allergic to.

    Apart from flea and tick collars, there are various medicines that help keep fleas and ticks off the dog. One such medication is Simparica (sarolaner). It is an FDA-approved chewable tablet that kills fleas in three hours and ticks in eight hours. When administered monthly, Simparica can protect dogs from flea and tick infestation for up to 35 days. Simparica Chewables are known to kill five types of ticks including the Gulf Coast tick.

  • 10 dog food deals to check out on Black Friday 2022

    Your furry friend is a faithful companion through thick and thin and looks up to you for care and nourishment. The good news is that most of the essential nutrients your dog requires can be derived from food sources. Premier dog food companies provide foods catering to animals of different age groups and breeds, integrating taste and nutrition. Here are some dog foods you can get at discounted prices on Black Friday 2022:

    CESAR Wet Food Classic Loaf in Sauce
    Prepared with the finest ingredients curated for your dog’s health, CESAR Wet Food is available in duck and grilled chicken varieties. This multipack is rich in protein, crude fat, and fiber, providing your dog with the energy it requires to play and thrive.

    Nutro Ultra Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food
    This dog food pack comprises protein from lamb, chicken, and salmon, together with a blend of 15 superfoods, including chia, coconut, kale, and blueberries. Moreover, it does not contain any artificial flavors or preservatives. Last year, the brand offered a 30% discount on a few products.

    Merrick Oven-Baked Natural Crunchy Dog Treats
    These scrumptious dog food packs are available in different flavors made of natural kitchen ingredients. The Grammy Pot Pie flavor consists of carrots, real chicken, and peas, making for a delicious and nutritious feast for your pet.

    Inception Dry Dog Food
    This dry dog food was offered at a 30% discount last Black Friday, emerging as one of the top choices among dog owners. It comprises 70% animal protein and oats and millet, making it a sumptuous meal. This dog food is free of allergens like soy, corn, and wheat. Gear up for a deal on this nutritious product this holiday season!

    Halo Holistic Adult Dog Food (Chicken and Chicken Liver)
    This brand ensures that chickens are raised in naturalistic settings; consequently, the chicken and chicken liver dog food offered by Halo Holistic is highly nutritious and easy to digest. It contains high quantities of crude protein, fat, and fiber, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin E. Get this pack at discounted prices for your adult dog this Black Friday.

    Himalayan Pet Supply Large Bacon Dog Treats
    Your dog will surely enjoy this cheese and bacon treat and benefit from its high nutritional value. Its hard texture makes this an ideal treat for dogs to chew on and supports their dental health. Moreover, it does not contain any artificial flavors or binding agents.

    Royal Canin Size Health Nutrition Large Breed Dry Dog Food
    This kibble is ideal for all dogs above the age of five. It comprises the perfect blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals and supports your dog’s bones and joints. This Royal Canin product was available at a 7% discount during the last Black Friday sale.

    Wag Dry Dog Food with Grains
    This dog food product is packed with nutrients, including DHA for healthy brain function, phosphorus and calcium for strong teeth and bones, and antioxidants to boost immunity. The product has been manufactured with guidance from nutrition experts and veterinarians and is a delicious treat for your doggo. A favorite among dog parents, it was offered at a 34% discount during last year’s holiday sales, and you can expect similar deals this year.

    Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula
    Made of adult chicken and brown rice, this product contains high levels of protein and carbohydrates, along with calcium, vitamins, antioxidants, and phosphorus. So, this Blue Buffalo product supports your dog’s overall well-being and immunity. Grab this product at a discount on Black Friday.

    IAMS Adult Premium Dry Dog Food
    IAMS offers dry dog food catering to different breeds of dogs, including pugs, golden retrievers, German shepherds, and labradors. It also offers foods suitable for dogs of different age groups. So, support your dog’s heart, skin, and immunity by purchasing this IAMS adult dog food product.

  • Home remedies for dog allergies

    Like humans, dogs, too, tend to develop certain rashes, allergies, and skin problems. While getting veterinary help is essential, minor problems can always be resolved with an effective home remedy. So, if you look to eliminate itchiness, discomfort, and redness in dogs, here are a few effective natural remedies to try out.

    Oat baths
    When it comes to doggy allergies, an oat bath is an excellent remedy. It washes away any allergens stuck on the dog’s coat and reduces inflammation. One must never use it during a yeast infection, as it can make it worse. To make an oat bath, one has to grind sugar-free, organic oats into a fine powder and then boil it with water. Using this to bathe the dog will provide them with relief.

    Apple cider vinegar
    Apple cider vinegar is a powerful antibacterial and antifungal agent. It can be used to clean a dog’s paws, ears and even fight off yeast infections. All one needs to do is take a clean spray bottle and add apple cider vinegar and water in a 1:1 ratio and spray it on the dog’s itchy spots for relief. Nonetheless, one must not spray it on wounds or bites.

    Baking soda
    Baking soda is an easily available and effective way to provide relief to itching caused by dog allergies. Create a simple paste using baking soda and water, and apply it to the dog’s itchy spots to alleviate itchiness and redness. Let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing it off thoroughly. One can also add a little coconut oil to provide the dog with some moisturizing goodness.

    Aloe vera
    Aloe vera gel contains antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that help treat several problems. It reduces redness and discomfort, treats burns and itchiness, and provides cooling. Its application is simple: use only the gel and apply it directly to the affected area. Avoid using a gel that contains alcohol.

    Coconut oil
    Organic coconut oil is excellent for itch relief from dog allergies. This is because it contains lauric acid – an element that fights off a yeast infection and provides relief from itchiness. Moreover, coconut oil also helps aid digestion and boosts immune system functionality. All one needs to do is apply the coconut oil to the itchy spots. One can also add coconut oil to the pet’s food; however, one must consult a veterinarian before doing so.

    Along with these home remedies, listed below are some effective medications that help relieve dog allergies, fleas, ticks, and other skin conditions.

    Prescribed to more than 9 million dogs, APOQUEL anti-itch chewable tablets for dog scratching provide fast and effective relief. Its positive effects are noticed within four hours of administering the medicine, with allergic reactions subsiding within 24 hours. APOQUEL should only be given to dogs who are more than 12 months old, with no serious infections. 

    Simparica Trio
    Simparica Trio is an FDA-approved, prescription monthly chewable that is highly beneficial to pets. It can protect dogs against ticks, fleas, roundworms, ringworms, heartworm disease, and even hookworms. It is safe even for puppies as young as eight weeks old that weigh about 2.8 lbs.

    If you’re looking for a longer-lasting anti-itch chewable, FDA-approved Bravecto tablets provide up to 12 weeks of protection from fleas and ticks. Its long-lasting effects also make it a cost-effective solution that does not need to be administered monthly.

  • Top 4 monthly puppy subscription boxes

    Every good child should be treated with some goodies and treats. The monthly puppy box can be a source of joy and excitement for dogs and their parents. Thanks to the range of chews, toys, and treats that these subscription boxes offer, they have fast gained popularity. If you are looking to work on a budget but get the best of everything for your good-est boy, here are some options to look into.

    BarkBox costs $23, $26, or $35, depending on the subscription you choose. Although the monthly puppy box is one of the cheapest finds, their product quality remains high, and the subscribers are satisfied. BarkBox has themed boxes that add to the brand’s appeal and make for a nice surprise each month. You get access to treats, toys, and grooming essentials and get customization options based on your dog’s allergies and preferences.

    Kong Box
    At $49.95 a month, Kong Box has been a favorite among pets and pet parents alike. One of the best sellers in the Kong box includes the trusty rubber toy that can keep the heaviest chewers engaged. The monthly puppy box comes packed with the classic Kong toy, treats for your dog, recipes, training tips, and some more toys. Second box onwards, the numbers change, but the excitement does not. You can also choose from the type of box you want to subscribe to, including teething, barking, crate training, and other behavioral issues.

    Pooch Perks Box
    If you are looking for something that only caters to your dog’s toy needs, pooch Perks have a box that costs only $20.82 a month. Alternatively, they also have bigger, better boxes that provide treats, toys, and even themed goodies. One significant benefit of Pooch Perks is that they provide a single shipment option. This way, you get to try out their services before committing to anything. The monthly puppy box also keeps your dog’s age and requirements in mind while sending you the goodies.

    RescueBox Dog Subscription Box
    If you are looking to do more good than just getting your dog a box full of food and goodies, Rescue Box might be the right choice for you. At just $29.95 a month, and less for subscribers, the brand promises to bring happiness to your dog and donate 10 pounds of food for every box that is sold. The donated money goes to animal shelters. This helps keep your dog satisfied and sheltered.

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