• Top 4 cloud data integration providers

    As technology gets more advanced, companies that specialize in information technology are taking steps to update their cloud data and data analytics processes. There are companies that provide cloud data integration for the smooth functioning of business operations. Here is a list of the top providers of cloud data integration.

    Amazon Web Services
    Amazon Web Services was the first company which provided cloud data integration. The popularity and the stature of the company has grown manifold and it has expanded into providing a wide array of different services to its customers. It made processors based on the Arm technology and soon enough, that became the norm in most companies that specialized in providing cloud data integration. It created a major shift in the cloud storage technology space when it brought out a second-generation Graviton processor. Every year, the company has registered a huge growth in its revenue stream. In the recent past, Amazon Web Services launched the AppFlow, which is aimed at designing SaaS workflows.

    Microsoft Azure
    Azure by Microsoft would probably be the most sought after provider of cloud data integration after Amazon Web Services. It is one of the best commercial cloud services offered by the company. Microsoft Azure pitches itself as a service provider of software that one needs to store information. It has tie-ups with some of the leading IT companies across the globe as a cloud service provider. There are certain companies, which opt for multiple-cloud based units and they seek the services of both Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. Microsoft also works towards hybrid development and has partnered with a bunch of server vendors to put together integrated stacks that would contribute towards creating private cloud or hybrid cloud services.

    Google Cloud Platform
    There are few areas in the technological sphere that have not been explored by Google. With an annual revenue estimated at $11 billion, Google Cloud Platform is one of the top providers of cloud data integration. Google is known to put together a good well-devised strategy and structure while building its cloud platform. It is also focused towards building a team that consists of individuals who have a good understanding of the mechanisms; they contribute towards making this platform safer and more secure. Google Cloud Platform has partnered with several leading IT organizations like Informatica, SAP, VMware, and Salesforce. Until recently, Google has G Suite and Google Cloud Platform as two different entities, but now, it has stated that it plans to merge the two.

    Alibaba Cloud
    After all these years, Alibaba remains the most popular provider of cloud based integration in China. Even companies, who have their base in other countries, opt for Alibaba as their main cloud service provider when they start operations in China. Alibaba is getting into partnership with companies that have a good presence in the market and would like to avail of Alibaba’s services. As many companies, these days, are adopting a multi-cloud strategy, they are more than willing to take a powerful cloud-based unit like Alibaba into their fold.

  • Top payroll software for small businesses

    If you run a small business, payroll software can help you manage all the particulars and activities regarding your employee workforce. If you have 50 to 100 employees, it can get a little difficult to keep track of all the payslips, tax files, and other important employee details. That’s where payroll software for small businesses come in. Let’s look at the top software options you can choose from:

    • Gusto
      Hailed as one of the best payroll software for small businesses, Gusto offers a comprehensive system with intuitive software that can help you handle a variety of employee-related matters. These include employee pay stubs and tax forms, benefits and payroll reports, health insurance, state and federal unemployment insurance, PTO tracking, direct deposit facilities, wage garnishments, automated tax filings, and unlimited payroll runs in all 50 states. The interface is easy-to-use, and the brand offers a free demo as well. Unlike other software, Gusto does not charge extra for features like automated billing, health benefits, online estimates, and workers’ compensation.
    • ADP
      This software can take HR and payroll off your hands, easing your burden if you’re managing a small business. It handles all the time-consuming tasks for you, ranging from managing employees’ 401(k) accounts to filing payroll taxes, and it also takes over tasks like onboarding, hiring, and recruiting. If you face any challenges, the ADP customer support is always there to help you. It also offers easy employee self-service and increases the efficiency of auditing the payroll process, lowering the risk of liabilities. The helpful ADP app also allows you to choose benefits, track time, and request paid time off and leaves. Not to mention, you get 3 months of free services when you sign up for payroll processing with ADP.
    • Paychex
      This is one of the best payrolls for small businesses that combines HR and payroll and breaks it down according to the business size. It works for small companies with 1-49 employees, or you can opt for its services for over 1000 employees. Most plans include time tracking, health insurance, state unemployment insurance, retirement management, and benefits administration. With Professional Employer Organization (PEO) plans available, this software also offers HR basics and digital marketing help with each plan. It is suitable for every business, whether your company is a law firm or a small hotel with a dozen or so employees. You cannot find the pricing for this software online, but you can request a free quote by visiting the official website if you want to use Paychex for your business.

    Small business owners may wonder whether they should hire an accountant or use a payroll service. In general, payroll services are cheaper, even more so if you opt for the self-service route. These software also offer features like time tracking, HR administration, and employee benefits that fall outside the scope of an accountant’s job. That being said, some companies prefer a balance of both and use payroll software in addition to hiring an accountant. You can see what works best for your company and choose the most suitable payroll software for your small business.

  • 5 of the best electronic signing software

    As the world keeps getting increasingly digital, a lot of our paperwork, too, is starting to be processed online. Digital signatures have replaced manual ones to a great extent and thick files have made way for documents that can be downloaded, read, and stored on our computer screens. In this day and age, there is a need for a system that is well-equipped to manage the signing of a large number of electronic documents. Here is a list of some of the top electronic signing software to help you make the right choice:

    • Zoho Docs

    Zoho Docs has been one of the most popular document management systems for a while now. It serves as a repository of all your files and ensures that they remain safe. Apart from acting as a safe storage, it enables you to share all kinds of documents, videos, pictures, and other data online with friends, family, or those from your workplace. You can vet the software by first signing up for a trial version, which lets a single account be shared by 25 users and allots 5 GB of storage space to each user.

    • LogicalDOC

    Many leading organizations use LogicalDOC as their primary source of storing important electronic documents. LogicalDOC specializes in process automation and document retrieval and is thus preferred by many companies. In addition to letting you sign electronic documents smoothly, it also allows you to create, edit, and put together any kind of document with your colleague. It has a web interface that is very convenient to use and is well-integrated with Microsoft Outlook and Office. Though it does not offer professional phone support, it has an efficient email-based customer support service.

    • Microsoft SharePoint

    Microsoft SharePoint is a great tool to be had if you are required to exchange business documents frequently. This electronic document signing software gives its users the opportunity to create team sites and store a large amount of data that can be accessed by everyone from the team. If you have an active internet connection on your phone, you can edit any document on the go. On this software, entire folders of documents can be shared seamlessly. You can also avail of a variety of free apps if you have an account with SharePoint; and there is no limit on the number of apps that can be used.

    • M-Files DMS

    If you are not too comfortable using tools or software that involve complex procedures, then you can try using M-Files DMS. It is one of the simplest signing software for documents. It updates the system automatically at regular intervals, thereby saving you a lot of time and hassle. M-Files DMS also helps you to gauge the status of the files that have been added or edited. In this way, it lets you keep a note of each and every change made to a particular file.

    • ONLYOFFICE by Ascensio System

    If you are on the lookout for a document signing and management system that also doubles as a project management tool, then Ascensio System’s OnlyOffice would prove to be a good option for you. ONLYOFFICE also has several interesting features apart from file storing and sharing. Its look and feel are similar to that of Google Drive, and it lets you integrate emails and calendars, through which you can manage large data concerning any given project.

  • 6 reasons to switch to e-signatures

    Electronic document signing software enables you to attach your signature to a document electronically. Which is to say, you won’t have to run around the office looking for a vacant printer and scanner every time you’re sent a document to sign. The process might sound complex, but it’s extremely easy and efficient. Of course, you’ll first need a good-quality scanned image of your signature. But that’s the only trip you’ll be making to the scanner for a long long time.

    How is it useful?
    Whether you’re a student jotting down class notes, an employee taking down points from a meeting, or a homemaker collating your special recipes, word or PDF documents are the go-to options. Just as easily and frequently, we’re used to attaching documents in our email. But do you ever wonder how creating and sharing documents comes so easily to us, yet we use a pen to sign? Sure, it gives an immense amount of satisfaction to scribble with a pen across the dotted lines at the end of these important-looking documents. But is that reason enough to keep dragging out the process?

    A couple of decades ago, electronic document signing software would have been a joke, but it’s here now, and it can make a huge difference. Here are a few benefits of using this software:

    • Electronic signatures save you and your company the hassle of having to get prints every time a document needs to be signed. This will save the time of multiple employers, which is always beneficial as that time can be spent doing something much more productive to contribute to the organization’s growth.
    • The software keeps track of your activity and also helps you send and receive a notification if you ever forget about a document.
    • An electronic document signing software saves you from having to file every document you sign, as it automatically maintains a record of all your documents.
    • Some of these software also provide you offline access to your documents and are compatible with all your devices and platforms.
    • They are safe and secure to use anytime and anywhere. These software are encrypted, which ensures that your documents are not tampered with.
    • Not only does an electronic signature save your time, effort, and resources, but it is also legally binding. Documents signed using an electronic document signing software have as much legal validity and acceptance as a document you sign physically.

    With all these benefits, why would you not want to skip the long waiting lines at the printers? Lay off the multiple trips in a day to the printer room and save on your productive time. To start with, you can check out Adobe Sign, DocuSign, Secured Signing, SignEasy, or KeepSolid Sign. These user favorite programs are sure to get you hooked to e-signatures.

  • Popular software for building a strong resume

    A professionally crafted resume that is to the point, has the necessary specifics, and highlights your skills increases your chances of getting a good job. The document details and addresses what is important, right from their personal/professional preferences to career and growth expectations. Today, you can use a resume builder software to simply this task. Here are the top free and paid options you must check out!

    Resume Genius
    If you want to create a truly professional resume and are okay with paying for it, Resume Genius is a software that can deliver in less than 10 minutes. You can select from myriad template styles and answer a detailed questionnaire for the software to compile all the information. You can also add more details relevant to the template to make the resume more comprehensive. The option of switching templates after you have selected one in the beginning allows for added flexibility in terms of design and content viewing. Once you are satisfied with the results, simply download the resume for a nominal fee of $2 during the trial period. Note that the monthly subscription and download rates will vary on the basis of the plan you pick.

    Looking for free templates and designs? Download a copy free of charge in minutes with Resume.com’s comprehensive software tool. Simply follow the step-by-step process to add information, refer to expert tips curated by industry experts, and download a well-crafted professional resume today. There are multiple columns and subheadings to fill out details about education, professional skills, work experience, as well as your personality traits or preferences. You can also refer to sample resumes from the website’s exclusive database and create one based on any of the available templates.

    Resume Builder/Resume Maker 2021
    Some people may find it difficult to use comprehensive software tools and need a simpler solution to create a detailed looking resume. So, how about a free resume builder app that can create a professional looking document in just a matter of minutes? Android users can download the Resume Builder app from Play Store while iOS customers can download a similar variant called Resume Star from the App Store. All you have to do is choose a template and fill out the details to create a new pdf file. Resume Star additionally lets you change the font and experiment with layouts that work well for the design you pick.

  • Top 4 ERP software to choose from

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software are programs that help businesses keep track of and ensure that their customer orders are in place and the data is easily accessible. The program helps better manage aspects like eCommerce, business intelligence, CRM, and marketing automation. Since it is so crucial for the smooth running of a business, it is necessary you choose the absolute best.

    Oracle NetSuite
    Oracle NetSuite is one of the highest-rated ERP software available in the market. The program is favored by a major population of business owners across the globe. NetSuite is designed for ease of use and promotes growth, as it provides you complete control with customization options. Oracle is suitable for everyone, right from bookstores to fashion businesses that need an ERP system. You could take a free product demo from the brand to know more about the program. However, since there is customization involved, the website does not mention a price.

    Microsoft Dynamics
    Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based accounting system that works optimally in combination with Microsoft Office 365. The program can just as easily be synchronized with other Microsoft products and is very easy to navigate. The business version of the software is equipped with better, faster, and more efficient features. Sadly, the software is only available in the US and Canada. Also, the software might not be as small business-friendly as some other ERP software on the list.

    SAP Business One
    SAP Business One is an old-school enterprise resource planning platform perfect for those who are not tech-savvy. The program that it runs on allows users to have access to complex business analytics without getting lost in the data. The documentation and reporting system of SAP is very clean and efficient. The software can very efficiently handle multiple currencies but would require extreme customization to operate on.

    SysPro ERP
    SysPro is an ERP software that helps businesses manage their finance and inventory. The system works great across small businesses and bigger supply chains. The program is currently being widely used among businesses, and it helps manage their controls, accesses, auditing, and monitoring services. However, like Oracle NetSuite, SysPro ERP does not display any pricing on their website, and you may be required to contact their sales team.

  • Benefits of employee evaluation software and 4 tips to choose wisely

    The success of every organization is linked to its employees’ performance. Performance reviews are critical for improving employee engagement, boosting their morale, and taking the business to new heights. And this is where employee evaluation software comes in. It engages employees and streamlines administrative tasks, but choosing the right platform can be tricky as the online market is swamped with options.

    Let’s look at some benefits of employee evaluation software and how to select the best one for your organization.


    Employee evaluation software offers tremendous advantages to both employers and employees. The solutions offered by the software can boost a company’s profits and employees’ motivation. A few benefits of using this software are:

    • Intuitive dashboard for decision making
    • Monitor team progress
    • Enhanced employee productivity
    • Eliminates evaluation bias
    • Boost in employee motivation and retention
    • Fewer payroll errors
    • Reduces the burden of the HR team
    • Increased quality of hiring

    Tips to make the right choice

    Here’s what you need to consider when choosing an employee evaluation software for your company:

    Analyze the existing process
    You first need to figure out why exactly you’re looking for an employee evaluation software. Is it because you’re facing issues with administrative tasks, or because you’re unable to keep your employees engaged? Listing down the issues and identifying what matters most to your company can be helpful since a software cannot address all your issues. You must also identify the strengths in your current system and the unique elements that define your company’s work culture to ensure that those aspects are preserved, if not enhanced.

    Identify your goals
    After you’ve analyzed the strengths and weaknesses of the existing system, you’ll know what you want to improve. But that’s not enough. You need to determine the specific and measurable goals you wish to achieve by bringing an employee evaluation software onboard. Let’s say your company’s tedious and time-consuming appraisal process is the hindrance to your company’s success. Knowing this helps you to specifically look for a platform that makes appraisals a quick and efficient process.

    Make a comprehensive list of the features you want
    You must know what core features the new software must include, and these features and analytics must be in line with your organizational structure. Apart from some must-haves, you must also look for add-on features that add value to your organization’s functioning. For instance, if your company follows a different process for different job levels, you must look for a software with multiple workflow features.

    Check the user-friendliness of the software
    The last—but also the most important—thing to consider when choosing an employee evaluation software is its user-friendliness. Maybe one of the reasons why you’re interested in new software is that you want to make the process easier for everyone in the organization. So, you must pick a software that has a simple user interface and is easy to understand. The best way to find out whether the software is easy to use is to request a free trial. If the software is adding to the confusion, explore other options.

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