• Best time to explore top attractions in North America

    Although you can plan to visit certain destinations in North America throughout the year, certain attractions are best enjoyed during specific seasons. While spontaneous trips to the continent might work out for some, many tourists may not enjoy their vacation due to extreme weather conditions or other hurdles. If you are planning to visit any North American countries, here are the top attractions and the best time to visit them:

    November to March: Aurora borealis in the Yukon, Canada
    The best time to see the Aurora Borealis in the Yukon, Canada, is during the winter. This is a year-round phenomenon, but the skies are too bright to see the lights. Between November and March, the skies are clear and at their darkest, making the lights more vivid to the human eye. While the ideal time to see these lights is between 10 pm to 2 am, consider confirming the duration with a guide.

    March to November: Whale watching in Maui, Hawaii
    If you love the open seas and whales, Maui in Hawaii is a great place to visit on your next trip. Consider planning your trip between March and November, as this is when the whales migrate south for the winter. You can sign up for activities and packages that include whale watching or underwater photo safaris.

    March to May: Bear spotting at Yellowstone National Park
    You can also choose from various tourist attractions in the country, including spotting bears as they emerge after hibernation at Yellowstone National Park. The region is inhabited by black bears and grizzly bears who might lurk around in spring during March, April, and May, before going right back to hibernating throughout the winter.

    Winter months: Hike at the Grand Canyon, USA
    If you are planning a hiking trip to the Grand Canyon, avoid scheduling it in July and August because of extremely high temperatures. The winter months are much more suitable, and the region has fewer tourists. You should also consider trekking with a group led by a trained professional.

    Festival season in Mexico
    There is nothing like visiting a country to experience its biggest festivals. Around the end of July, you can enjoy the Guelaguetza festival, celebrating folk music and dance. If you are around during the Christmas season, you could check out Oaxaca City’s yearly radish-carving competition, known as Noche de Los Rabanos (Night of the Radishes).

    February to April: Visit Ilulissat Icefjord in Greenland
    Grenland receives thick snowfall for most of the year. However, you can find plenty of things to do there, like celebrating New Year overlooking the ice fjord. The ideal months to make this visit are between February to late April. You can also enjoy ice fishing and other sledding activities during your stay.

  • 9 unfavorable cities for people with migraine

    Migraine is a neurological disorder marked by headache, severe throbbing pain, or pulsating sensation in a part of one’s head. The condition can vary in intensity and can affect one’s daily life. Many factors play a role in offsetting one’s migraine, the major ones being a city’s environmental factors and stress. Studies show that the following cities are more likely to trigger migraines in people, thanks to their stress-inducing environmental factors.

    Worst cities that trigger migraines

    Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga, TN
    A Vanderbilt University research has linked Tennessee’s barometric pressure to migraine issues in its cities. Barometric pressure is the atmospheric pressure that affects the oxygen level in the air. Those who reside in cities with maximum fluctuations in air pressure are at a greater risk of experiencing migraine attacks. Cities like Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga see multiple barometric pressure shifts during a year, making them unsuitable for migraine sufferers.

    Dallas, TX
    Hot summers with rapid air pressure changes or places prone to frequent storms can also contribute to migraines. For example, Dallas, TX, has more violent weather and may not be suitable for some.

    Phoenix, AZ
    Phoenix is considered the country’s hottest city, reaching even 100 degrees on most days from May to September. Since people with migraine are sensitive to extreme heat or sunlight, summer might not be an ideal time to visit the city. Heat exhaustion can also bring dizziness, vomiting, fainting, and nausea, which are some signs of migraine.

    Canton-Massillon, OH
    Studies show that larger cities tend to produce high-stress levels among people and irregular sleep patterns, contributing to migraine. Canton ranks high in city stress levels, making it unsuitable for some migraine sufferers.

    New York City, NY
    NYC is another place marked with high levels of occupation, stress, and activity, along with sleep problems, making it less-than-ideal for most people with the disorder.

    Cincinnati, OH and St. Louis, MO-IL
    Both Cincinnati and St. Louis are considered some of the worst cities for migraine sufferers due to their lifestyle factors, including long commutes, the hustle and bustle, overtime, and local food habits. St. Louis, notably, also experiences dramatic weather and temperature changes.

    Apart from these, the following cities have multiple contributing factors linked to migraine attacks:

    • Little Rock-North Little Rock, AR
    • Madison, WI
    • Greenville-Spartanburg-Anderson, SC.

    A city’s environmental factors do not necessarily trigger migraines. At times, genetics, bad food habits, hormonal changes, or even disorders like TMD may contribute to it.

  • 4 luxurious hotels for your next overseas vacation

    The travel and leisure industry has transformed the way people experience and enjoy an exotic getaway. With growing demand and equally high expectations, hotels and resort chains have to adapt to providing the best hospitality services while competing in a market with the top players. We bring you some of the best brands in the industry and weigh the pros and cons of choosing them to help you plan your next international vacation. Take a look.

    Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts
    Banyan Tree is more than just a hotel brand, it is an experience that will redefine your travel expectations, and even experience, for good. After enjoying the exclusive offers at mesmerizing destinations around the world, you will find yourself becoming an appreciating patron of the luxurious amenities in no time. Plan your destination wedding at one of their exotic hotels overlooking majestic beauty, or enjoy a perfect romantic getaway on your honeymoon. Celebrate your anniversary or plan your next corporate retreat with Banyan Tree’s vacation and travel packages. You can also enjoy direct booking perks and flexible cancellation policies.

    Rosewood Hotels & Resorts
    The residential-style hotels spread across continents are inspired by every destination’s culture and history to give you authentic travel experience. With 14 international city hotels and 13 exclusive resorts, Rosewood offers a luxurious 5-star experience. Currently, the brand has properties in 16 countries, and it offers the perfect venues and settings for you to plan your wedding, with hospitality services that have earned the hotel chain several accolades over the years. Or you can choose a luxurious 5-star location to host the next big international conference to promote your business. From ballrooms, conference rooms, and meeting venues to beach resorts for the next business retreat, Rosewood has it all.

    Tivoli Hotels & Resorts
    Tivoli has been an engaged innkeeper for several decades since the chain of hotels was first launched in 1933. Magical settings, breathtaking destinations, and stunning venues at Tivoli’s exotic getaways offer the perfect destination to plan a wedding or enjoy your honeymoon. It’s the perfect opportunity to rekindle the romance or renew your vows with a small celebration involving friends and family. You can also plan your next brainstorming company retreat here. Tivoli can arrange everything you need for a small intimate party of ten to a massive conference of hundreds, perks included, of course.

    Six Senses Hotels, Resorts, and Spas
    Hospitality is one of the driving factors for Six Senses being one of the best luxurious hotel chains. They afford you with the best-in-class dining and accommodation with sustainable practices that simply transport you into a new dimension of travel and leisure. For a calm and rejuvenating time away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, Six Senses provides an experience that will change your outlook toward life. The resort and spa packages offer more than just a vacation any given day.

  • 7 things to avoid while traveling in Europe

    Europe is rich in art, culture, cuisine, and architecture. It is one of the most traveled-to continents in the world and welcomes many visitors all year round. When traveling to a foreign country, there are many dos and don’ts, and it is crucial to abide by the laws of that nation. You must put the following items on your “don’t do” list when traveling to Europe to avoid trouble and have a wonderful vacation.

    Following local laws and regulations and not littering when visiting a new country is a moral obligation. Several European nations have strict garbage-control rules. In Germany, the Pfand system is used, which adds 5 to 25 cents to your bill every time you buy plastic and glass bottles and cans and then return them to another shop. The Pfand system helps keep the surroundings clean.

    Walking on the bicycle lane
    Riding a bicycle is a particularly energy-efficient and environmentally friendly form of transportation widely used throughout Europe. Cycling is inexpensive and simple to navigate owing to the well-connected lanes. Therefore, walking in bicycle lanes is against the law and extremely dangerous. Hence, prohibit walking on these lanes to avoid injury or conflicts with locals.

    Feeding pigeons
    Pigeon feeding has been prohibited in many Italian cities since 2008 and is still banned in Venice. Feeding pigeons is punishable, as they don’t know when to stop eating. Giving treats can harm them and contribute to spreading illness.

    It’s customary to give servers a 15%-20% tip of the bill in non-European countries; however, this is different in Italy. It would be a wise precaution to leave no more than is required, especially if you are on a budget. So inquire with the locals about how much to tip the service employees in a restaurant or café.

    Taking a cab at night
    Avoid using taxis after dark, as they are twice as expensive and can drain your wallet. Many countries, such as England, France, and Switzerland, offer excellent local taxi services, but finding cabs in Europe may take a lot of work. However, using AlloCab, LeCab, and Uber is preferable if you need transportation late at night.

    Removing footwear before entering a home
    People in numerous eastern countries, such as Poland, walk barefoot in their homes. It’s a prevalent custom in that country. Take off your shoes before entering a home in Poland if you have been invited as a guest to demonstrate cultural awareness. Removing footwear keeps any dirt or messes outside and maintains hygiene.

    Waving at the waitstaff
    In cafés and restaurants (particularly in France), waving your hand and asking the waiter to come to your table is considered disrespectful and unpleasant. Instead of waving, try other gestures like making eye contact or raising your hand instead of waving. As a visitor to another country, you must observe some basic etiquette.

  • 4 budget-friendly cruise lines

    Cruises are popular these days. They allow you to sit back and relax while exploring the oceans and visiting new destinations. But, most cruise trips turn out to be very expensive. These high costs can be attributed to high cruise fares, onboard and port spending, and even travel. But, what if we tell you that there are affordable cruise lines that do not break the bank? Read on to find out more.

    Carnival Cruise Line
    If you’re looking for a budget-friendly affordable cruise line, this one fits the bill. The Carnival Cruise Line was founded in 1971. The popular cruise line offers cruises to almost 425 locations, including the Caribbean, The Bahamas, Europe, Canada, Hawaii, Australia, and even the Panama Canal. The best part about the Carnival Cruise Line is its offerings. Living on one of their ships is like attending a huge Carnival out at sea. What sweetens this deal is the fact that the 24 ships of this cruise line are as affordable as $229 per night for one person. Carnival Cruises are more family-oriented, and they ensure that they provide the best entertainment for all age groups.

    Princess Cruises
    And much like its parent company Carnival, Princess Cruises provides the best cruise experience at minimal costs. The 14-ship cruise line has itineraries to multiple destinations, including Alaska, the Caribbean, Mexico, and even Europe. Their cruise trips can range anywhere between one day to 72 days, and they also offer travelers the option to explore the end destinations. While onboard, the cruise line provides travelers with multiple onboard activities, poolside screenings, magic shows, and even a stage show of the popular “The Voice of the Ocean.” Princess Cruises are exclusively for 18 and older individuals.

    Norwegian Cruises
    If you’re looking for a fun yet relaxing cruise experience, this one is for you. Norwegian Cruises is the best choice when it comes to traveling with a family on a budget. They also are very relaxed with their rules. They do not have a dress code and pretty much follow a “you do you” rule. The 17-ship cruise line offers journeys from 3 days to 21 days for destinations such as Alsaka, Cube, and even Hawaii. The best part is that you need only $50 to reserve your booking early on.

    Scenic Cruises
    If you’re looking for a luxurious cruise at an affordable price, you can try Scenic cruises. The cruise line offers all-inclusive packages on Ocean and River cruises. They also provide land journeys at discounted rates. One of the most popular ships of the Scenic Cruise fleet is the Scenic Eclipse Cruise Ship. The Scenic Eclipse is the World’s First Discovery Yacht. It has almost 114 suites and 176 crewmates. And offers a top-notch spa service, water sports, and a yacht club.

    Aside from family and adult-only cruise trips, individuals can also look for senior cruises that cater to their programs for senior citizens. Don’t forget to compare senior cruises, to find the deals and programs that are best suited for you.

    If you’re newly married, you may want a drink or two daily throughout your stay. However, purchasing à la carte drinks can cost a lot. So, to save money, look for honeymoon cruise packages with drinks included. For instance, Carnival Cruise Line offers a drinks package starting at $51.95 per person per day. Similarly, the other cruises listed above have some pretty attractive deals on food and drinks.

  • 5 things one should avoid doing on a cruise

    Cruises are one of the most luxurious ways to embark on a vacation trip. You get to stay on board surrounded by amenities and services while also experiencing various places and their cultures. Luxury cruises to the Arctic are one of the best options to embark on a long journey. However, one needs to avoid certain “don’ts” while on a luxury cruise. Some of them include the following:

    Teeth whitening
    One of the many benefits of being aboard a luxury cruise to the Arctic is that you can take advantage of numerous spas and other personal grooming activities. One of those services provided is a teeth whitening treatment. You might even be able to seal a deal at a cheaper rate than usual, and the service will surely meet the cruise and personal standards. That said, the post-treatment can pose a problem. The treatment will possibly leave you with sore gums, making you incapable of enjoying any activity on board.

    Hoarding food
    Cruises have a buffet menu, and you are free to choose whatever you want. In fact, some even offer a 24X7 buffet, making sure you do not have to compromise on sleep or other activities. That said, people often tend to pile mountains of food on their plates, eventually wasting it. Instead of overindulging yourself and inviting stomach ache, you can try different dishes every day. You can even skip the buffet once in a while and try out different cafes and restaurants onboard.

    Unnecessary reservation of things
    Another thing commonly hoarded on luxury polar cruises to the Arctic is sunbed or deck chairs. If you “reserve” sunbeds for your family or friends and wait for them to come, you rob someone else of their time in the sun. It also extends to people planting themselves on the sunbed for the day. You can instead divide your time among other activities in combination with sunbathing.

    People often tend to go overboard while packing for vacations. The same can be a possibility while packing for a luxury cruise to the Arctic. Don’t forget to pack your essentials that might help you withstand the weather change without having to curl up in your room. But, at the same time, remember that there are laundry services available onboard, and you don’t have to weigh yourself down with loads of luggage.

    Being rude
    Above all else, maintain a courteous attitude with the staff. Do not use them as an outlet for your frustrations. Be on your best behavior at all times. This will help you leave the cruise with a lifetime of memories. 

    If you’re planning a vacation, check out cruises from renowned cruise lines such as Celebrity Cruises, Virgin Voyages, and Viking Cruises. These cruise lines have a fleet of luxurious ships sailing to some of the most exciting destinations, from the Caribbean and Mediterranean to Alaska, Iceland, and New Zealand. En route to your destination, you can enjoy onboard entertainment, various cuisines, and shore excursions. These cruise lines frequently offer booking discounts and onboard credits as well, so watch out for those.

    You can also check out Hurtigruten, American Cruise Lines, Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL), Oceania Cruises, and Silversea Cruises. These lines sail to sought-after locations like the Bahamas, Alaska, and Antarctica.

    If you want to explore the Norwegian and Scandinavian lands resplendent with castles, palaces, and breathtaking coastlines, you can look for special discounts and deals on 2023 Scandinavian and Norway ocean cruises. Norway ocean cruise tours incorporate several stunning tourist destinations, such as North Cape and Lofoten islands, and offer the best amenities for a luxurious and unforgettable cruise experience.

  • 3 perfect beach destinations for a cruise getaway

    Deciding which cruise trip to go for isn’t an easy task. But the need to find something a bit more specific can make this search a lot more hectic. For example, there are not a lot of resources that can help you find the best beach destinations that one should explore by cruise. And that’s something we can help with. We’ve listed a few stunning beach destinations that you can choose for a cruise trip.

    Eagle Beach, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean
    Aruba is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean Sea. This hotspot is surrounded by crystal-clear waters and filled with flora and fauna, making it the perfect family and solo holiday destination. A cruise trip around Aruba will ensure you get to enjoy the best that the island has to offer. One of the top cruise lines that offer itineraries to this exotic island is Carnival Cruises. A cruise trip around the island with Carnival Cruises will cost you from $500 to $1200. Carnival Cruises also offers deals to tour the locales and enjoy onboard services and entertainment.

    Mykonos, Greece
    Mykonos is another popular beach destination that you must visit while on a cruise. The landscape of white houses wrapped in fresh flowers against the backdrop of a blue ocean is definitely a sight to see. Quiet beaches, vibrant nightlife, and vivacious culture make this famous tourist locale a great place for all. There are many popular cruises that travel through the region. One of the more popular ones is Costa Cruises, which will cost you anywhere between $800 and $1500. Costa also offers local sightseeing tours that will ensure you get to experience the local culture. If you join the Costa Club, you can also access a 20% off cruise deal on your trip and get up to 50% off on various onboard services.

    Nice, France
    If you enjoy lounging under the sun, tasting new cuisines, and beautiful beaches, it’s time to book a cruise to the French Riviera. The best part about this city is the fact that is filled with beaches. Nice also has a lot of other places to visit, like the old town, the Promenade des Anglais, and the Nice museum. You can travel to this beautiful island with Silversea Cruises. The luxury cruise line has recently opened its bookings to popular destinations over the world.

    Many popular cruise lines are offering deals to passengers. There are senior citizen discounts and season discounts along. You can also access combo deals to save on onboard services such as food and drinks while booking tickets. Royal Caribbean is currently offering 30% off on all cruise trips.

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