Check out LG’s newest range of cordless vacuum cleaners

LG has been a popular brand for quite some time, notably for manufacturing some of the best vacuum cleaners. But with an overwhelmingly wide variety of options to choose from, determining which one fits the bill can be difficult. Herein, we shortlist three of the latest and top-rated cordless vacuum cleaners offered by LG.

LG CordZero™ A9 Limited Cordless Stick Vacuum
This model is one of LG’s top-selling vacuum cleaners that can easily reach the most remote of nooks and crannies of your house. One unique feature of this vacuum cleaner is that it comes with a portable charging stand. You can select from its multiple power modes, depending on how dirty the surface is. Its five-step filtration system separates and filters dust into an attached bin. The 140AW Smart Inverter Motor™ with a 10-year warranty ensures maximum vacuum power for spotless cleaning irrespective of the type of floor. The twin batteries can be charged within four hours and can comfortably last for an entire cleaning session. This cordless vacuum cleaner by LG is priced at around $700.

LG CordZero™ A9 Charge Cordless Stick Vacuum
For dry as  well as wet cleaning, this latest cordless vacuum cleaner by LG is what you want. The CordZero™ A9 Charge Cordless Stick Vacuum not only offers provides superior dry cleaning across all floor types, but its Power Mop combined with 140AW powerful motor attachment enables you to clean using just normal tap water. The Power Mop attachment comes with two sets of microfiber pads for a more efficient cleanse. Its twin battery system offers 120 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning in a single charge. Additionally, it comes with the Kompressor™ lever that compresses dirt, dust, and pet hair, which doubles bin capacity. This vacuum cleaner is price at around $800.

LG CordZero™ ThinQ Robotic Vacuum
The LG CordZero™ ThinQ Robotic Vacuum is designed for automated house cleaning. This latest cordless vacuum cleaner by LG has a built-in computer that scans and analyzes your living space for effective cleaning. It can be synced with your phone using the LG ThinQ app, allowing you to control your vacuum cleaner at will. And if you want to keep an eye on your home whole you are away, its motion-sensing technology detects disturbances and sends them directly over your smartphone. The price of vacuum cleaner is around $1200.

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