Effective natural remedies for urinary tract infection

A urinary tract is made up of bladder, kidneys, ureters and the urethra. An infection in any part of this tract is known as a urinary tract infection (UTI).

In most cases, the infection is caused by two types of bacteria: Staphylococcus saprophyticus and Escherichia coli. However, sometimes, it can also be caused by a virus or fungi.

UTI is more common in women than in men. This is primarily because the urethra, which is the tube that carries the urine out of the bladder, is shorter in women, making it more likely for the bacteria to enter and reach the bladder easily.

Common symptoms of UTI
In UTI, people generally experience the following:

  • A burning sensation while urinating
  • Frequent urination
  • Dark colored urine with a potent odor
  • Pelvic pain
  • A feeling of incomplete bladder emptying

In the case of any symptoms, it is imperative to consult medical help. Usually, antibiotics are used to treat the infection. But, a natural home treatment option for UTI that can also help in alleviating the agonizing symptoms. In this article, we will look at some effective home remedies to naturally treat UTI.

Natural cure of UTI

Consuming plenty of fluids
Low fluid intake and irregular urination have been linked to increased chances of UTI. When one is adequately hydrated, the person passes sufficient urine that helps in flushing out the bacteria to prevent infections.

Therefore, staying hydrated is the key to preventing the occurrence of UTI. To meet the fluid needs, it is best to drink water throughout the day. As per general recommendations, women should consume 91 ounces of water every day and men should take 125 ounces, which also includes water content from food.

Increasing the Intake of Vitamin C
This is another simple home treatment for UTI to speed up the recovery process.

Vitamin C helps to increase the acidity of the urine, which in turn kills the infection-causing bacteria. If one has active UTI, taking vitamin C supplements is an effective way to protect against the infection. One can consume vitamin C in the form of fruits and vegetables, as they contain especially high amounts of it.

Oranges, grapefruit, red peppers and kiwifruit provide the recommended amount of vitamin C in a single serving.

Consuming unsweetened cranberry juice
Unsweetened cranberry juice is one of the best and popular remedies for alleviating the symptoms of UTI. Cranberries help in flushing out the bacteria from the tract by keeping them from sticking to the bladder wall.

Studies show that consuming cranberry juice can limit the number of UTI episodes experienced by a person. Nowadays, cranberry juice capsules are also available that offer equivalent amount of cranberry as an 8-ounce serving.

It should be kept in mind that only raw, unsweetened juice should be consumed and not the sweetened commercial brand juices.

Urinating when necessary
A lot of times, UTI patients tend to avoid urinating. This is primarily because UTI causes an excessive need to urinate more frequently, even when there is no urine in the bladder to release. But it is important to not control this urge and urinate frequently to expel out the bacteria that is causing the infection. This is an important trick to quicken the recovery process.

Switching to Healthier Habits
An important UTI at-home treatment is making certain lifestyle changes that can relieve the symptoms and prevent the recurrence of another infection. Such changes include the following:

  • Abstaining from smoking
  • Wearing loose and comfortable cotton clothes and innerwear
  • Using organic and fragrance-free hygiene and skincare products
  • Peeing after sexual intercourse
  • Wiping front to back after using the toilet

Using some natural supplements
Certain natural supplements serve as an essential part of the UTI at-home treatment. They can help in lowering the risk of an infection and preventing the bacteria from spreading.

  • D-Mannose
    This is a specific type of sugar found in cranberries. It helps in curbing the spread of bacteria and treating the painful symptoms.
  • Bearberry Leaf
    Bearberry leaf, also known as Uva Ursi, is a special herb that helps in treating UTIs. However, its prolonged use is not recommended as it can cause damage to the liver.
  • Cranberry extracts
    Similar to cranberry juice, these extracts also help in preventing bacteria from sticking to the walls of the urinary tract.
  • Garlic extracts
    Owing to the antimicrobial properties of garlic, the herb inhibits the growth of bacteria, thus preventing infections.

A UTI is one of the most common problems faced by a large number of people, especially women. It is best to explore the home treatment for UTI to prevent the condition from worsening.

In case none of these home remedies offer relief, it is important to consult a doctor who will then prescribe a suitable line of treatment.

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