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    3 simple hairstyle ideas for women

    There are many things in life that you cannot shape, change, or control. Your hair is not one of them. While a lot of focus is put on make-up products, it’s actually the hairstyle that gives the look an extra oomph factor. Going to the salon to get your hair done may not be a feasible option for many, so here are some easy hairstyles perfect for work, school, or a party.

    Soft beach waves
    Apply a hair mousse on wet hair and then dry your hair about 80% using the AirWrap Dyson styler attachment. Divide your hair into sections and separate them using a hair clip. Start curling them one at a time using the 30MM curling barrel. Allow it to cool for a while, and apply any texturizing spray. Brush out the curls with your fingers for a messier look, perfect for a night out. Alternatively, you can use the Remington, T3, or Trezoro hairdryer for a budget-friendly choice.

    High ponytail
    A high ponytail is perfect for a professional look. To achieve this, flip your hair and give it a quick blow-dry. The AirWrap Dyson hairstyler is great for this look. You can also use the Ribivaul Iconic hairdryer, which looks quite similar to the Dyson. Make sure you dry your hair from the root in the same direction. Part your hair in half from ear to ear in a half ponytail, and then smooth it down using a bristle brush. Now take the rest of your hair and tie it to the already made ponytail. It is recommended to use a bungee elastic to secure the ponytail for a salon-like look.

    Textured lob
    Start by applying the mousse on wet hair and then use the AirWrap Dyson to dry your hair to about 70%. If you have frizzy hair, you can tame it with Dyson’s smoothening attachment to add a bounce. Divide your hair into deep side partitions and start curling using the 40MM barrel in one section and 30MM on the next. You need to give your hair time to cool down completely after curling. Finish it by straying volumizing or setting spray to keep the textures in place. This hairstyle will definitely shine the light on you in school or at a party.

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  • 6 common foods that trigger eosinophilic esophagitis

    Eosinophilic esophagitis (EoE) is a chronic inflammatory condition that affects the esophagus. This condition can make it difficult to swallow and easier for food to get stuck in the food pipe. People with EoE develop allergic reactions to certain foods, causing their esophagi to swell up and become narrow. Doctors may recommend an elimination method to understand which foods trigger EoE in patients. The most common foods that trigger Eosinophilic Esophagitis are:

    Eggs: Apart from whole eggs, also avoid any foods that contain eggs, such as eggnog, mayonnaise, meringue, surimi, and egg substitutes. Beware of egg content in baked goods and puddings. Ingredients to watch out for in packaged goods include albumin, lysozyme, ovalbumin, lecithin, globulin, and ovovitellin.

    Wheat: Avoid foods rich in wheat, such as bread, couscous, crackers, most flours, pasta, and pizza crusts. Wheat ingredients to look out for are bulgar, durum, einkorn, emmer, farina, Kamut, matzoh, semolina, spelt, and triticale. Instead, opt for gluten-free foods made from potato, rice, or tapioca.

    Soy: Soy-rich foods to avoid include edamame, miso, natto, shoyu, soy sauce, soybean, tamari, tempeh, tofu, and Quorn. Soy ingredients can be found on packaged goods under the name of soy, soy flour, soy fiber, soy protein, and textured vegetable protein.

    Peanuts and tree nuts: Avoid all nuts and lychees. Watch out for ingredients like nut meal, nut meat, nut milk, nut extracts, nut paste, and peanut oil in packaged/pre-cooked foods.

    Fish: Avoid all fish and shellfish like krill, barnacle, crab, crayfish, lobster, shrimp, and prawns. Ingredients to avoid include imitation fish, fish stock, fish sauce, seafood flavoring, surimi, and bouillabaisse.

    Dairy: Milk and milk products to avoid include cheese, butter, cream, custard, cow’s milk, half-and-half, pudding, sour cream, and yogurt. It is also advisable to avoid ingredients like casein, diacetyl, lactalbumin, lactose, lactulose, recaldent, rennet casein, tagatose, and whey.

    In line with their doctor’s consultations and guidance plans, many people with EoE experiment with the elimination method, where they stop eating these six items daily and slowly reintroduce them one at a time. A few weeks after introducing a food item back into the system, an endoscopy is performed to determine the underlying cause of inflammation and check for improvements. Common foods that are advisable to eat when dealing with EoE include meats (chicken, turkey, pork, and beef), rice (white, brown, or wild), potatoes, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, fruits, vegetables, and olive oil.

  • Hair loss – Its symptoms and causes

    Hair loss is a result of problems related to the scalp. However, sometimes, it could be due to other underlying conditions as well. At times, it is temporary, but, in most cases, it is permanent. It could be a result of normal aging, hormonal changes, family history, or medical conditions. When there is excessive hair loss, it leads to baldness. In general, heredity hair loss is the prime cause of baldness.


    Usually, hair loss can occur in a multitude of forms and would depend on the underlying cause. Moreover, it might either occur gradually or suddenly and can hamper either the scalp or the entire body.

    Some common signs of this condition include:

    • Patchy or circular bald spots
      In some people, hair loss occurs as a patchy or a circular bald spot either in the eyebrows, beard, or scalp. It might lead to painful or itchy skin before hair fall actually occurs.
    • Slow thinning on the top of the head

    This is the most prominent category of hair loss and occurs in people as they get older. It has been seen that there is a receding hairline or a loss of hair in men as they grow older. On the other hand, women tend to have a broadening of the centerline in the hair. In women, the receding hairline is believed to be quite a common pattern of hair loss.

    • Hair loss on the entire body

    There are certain medical treatments or conditions that can cause hair loss across the body. This is primarily noted during the chemotherapy treatment for cancer. In this type of hair loss, the hair tends to grow back gradually.

    • Abrupt hair loss

    Sometimes, an emotional or physical shock can lead to sudden hair loss. In this case, you’ll see a handful of hair falling out during showers, while combing, or even after tugging the hair gently. It is only temporary and might lead to hair thinning.

    • Scaly patches that spread across the scalp
      It primarily happens because of ringworm. It might be followed by redness, broken hair, oozing, and swelling.

    Causes of hair loss
    It is normal for people to lose anything between 50 to 100 strands of hair every day. This hair loss mostly goes unnoticed because there’s new hair growth happening simultaneously. It is labeled as hair loss only when the hair that breaks or falls out is not replaced by new hair.

    In general, hair is related to a bunch of factors. These include:

    • Radiation therapy

    If the hair is lost by radiation therapy, it might not grow back like before.

    • Stress
      Some people experience temporary hair loss as a result of a shock or due to some stressful event.
    • Heredity

    It is certainly the most common reason for hair loss and happens as you age.

    • Medications

    Hair loss might occur as a side-effect of some medicines or supplements that are meant for depression, gout, blood pressure, cancer, heart problems, and arthritis.

    • Medical conditions or hormonal changes

    Sometimes hormonal changes that occur due to thyroid, childbirth, menopause, or pregnancy can also lead to temporary or permanent hair loss. Scalp infections like ringworm and trichotillomania may also cause hair loss.

    Risk factors

    • Age
    • Family history
    • Lack of proper nutrition
    • Sudden weight loss
    • Diabetes
    • Stress
    • Lupus
  • 6 tasty and heart-healthy foods to eat

    A healthy heart is a necessity for a healthy life. Whether you have already made some changes or are thinking about it, we are here to share information that can help. Coronary heart diseases are a common affliction these days. One of the significant contributors to heart disease is the food we eat. Therefore, it is essential to change our food preferences and switch to foods that are healthy for the heart without compromising on their taste.

    The green fleshy fruit is a perfect addition to eggs or on its own as guacamole. It is an amazing food to add to the grocery list considering its benefits for the heart. The fruit is a natural source of healthy fat and is sodium-free, transfat-free, and cholesterol-free. Almost 75% of the fat in avocados is unsaturated, taking it to the top of the list of heart-healthy foods. It also has plenty of fiber, reducing the risk of heart disease.

    Dark chocolate
    Yes, chocolate is lovely to eat when adding foods to the menu that are good for the heart. Dark chocolate specifically has higher protein and fiber content. Plus, the higher cocoa content lowers the amount of sugar in it. Choose a dark chocolate concentration that is palatable to you. Make sure you are choosing high-quality chocolate, as the kind and quality you add will have some impact on your health.

    Berries are full of juices, sweet and tart. They also have abundant anthocyanin, an antioxidant known to help combat heart diseases and disorders. They also help decrease the amount of low-density cholesterol in the body. Berries can be added to any dish for flavor or have them as a snack.

    Coffee, a beverage of choice among numerous people, is a highly antioxidant drink. Studies suggest that regular coffee intake can also support cognitive health and lower the risk of heart disease. But, it is important to source your coffee from a healthy and reliable source. Coffee Bean Direct is a roaster-to-customer brand that provides freshly roasted coffee beans. You can check their services and even subscribe to supplies. Make use of Coffee Bean Direct coupons and promo codes available online for additional savings.

    Adding walnuts to your bowl of overnight oats or to the pesto recipe you are so fond of can help strengthen your heart. Research suggests that making eating walnuts a regular part of your food intake habits makes it possible to keep blood pressure in check, lower inflammatory levels in the body with its antioxidant content, and decrease bad cholesterol levels. They bring richness to your dishes and the heart without much hassle.

    Chia seeds
    The tiny to look at seeds are a nutritional powerhouse that can add tons of essential nutrients and fiber to any meal. Add it to your protein shakes, yogurt bowls, or even cereal for taste and texture. Chia seeds are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids, especially for people that do not like fish. Numerous studies indicate that Omega 3 is essential to maintaining a healthy heart.

  • 5 odors that trigger migraines

    Migraines can cause a throbbing sensation on one side of the head. It may even lead to symptoms like nausea and vomiting. But most of all, migraines can affect our daily life and force us to call in sick after a day at work. They are triggered by many factors, the most common one being osmophobia, a sensitivity to smell. Here are five smells that are toxic for those who suffer from migraines.

    Most of us love wearing perfumes, but those sensitive to smell dread such fragrances. Perfumes contain odorants, substances that give off a unique scent, which, when inhaled, lead to symptoms of migraines like headaches and nausea. The effects of perfume odorants on people with osmophobia are noticed within a few minutes.

    Pesticide fumes
    Pesticides contain several chemicals intended to eliminate pests. However, people who work with such chemicals often inhale the fumes, which leads to adverse effects on their health. The side effects of inhaling such fumes include headaches, nausea, and vomiting. These are also common symptoms of migraines.

    Car exhaust gas
    Those susceptible to migraines may notice that even mild exposure to car exhaust may trigger the condition. Car exhaust emissions contain carbon monoxide, a toxic gas. Inhaling such fumes may lead to symptoms of migraines such as throbbing headaches. In extreme cases, the toxic gas may also cause drowsiness, disorientation, an accelerated heart rate, cardiorespiratory failure, and coma.

    Asphalt is a petroleum product used to build roads, roofs, and other adhesives. It is these fumes released from the mixture that impact one’s health. Inhaling asphalt fumes may lead to headaches and other symptoms linked to migraines. The toxic product can also cause skin rash, reduced appetite, cough, and skin cancer.

    Detergents are a part of our monthly necessities for the sole purpose of keeping our clothes clean. Such products contain phthalates, benzene derivatives, and aldehydes to give clothes a soothing fragrance. Sadly, these chemicals can worsen the symptoms of migraines in those sensitive to strong smells. As an alternative, people should look for products labeled fragrance-free. Such products may help avoid unnecessary triggers of migraines and reduce symptoms.

  • 5 foods that people with seizures must avoid

    The central nervous system is responsible for various indispensable bodily functions, including speech, hearing, movement, and awareness. These can get hindered and altered by a seizure, which refers to sudden electrical activity in the brain. Two or more seizure episodes occurring less than 24 hours apart and with no other explanation can indicate the onset of epilepsy. Besides following the treatment course prescribed by a doctor, avoiding or limiting certain foods can help control seizures:

    Although potassium is a vital nutrient for the body, excessive levels of potassium can induce or aggravate seizures among those already prone to such episodes. Banana is a rich source of potassium; thus, patients with seizures must limit their banana intake to control their symptoms.

    Processed foods
    Processed foods are loaded with trans and saturated fats, which can increase one’s risk for cardiovascular conditions like cardiac arrhythmia. Cardiac arrhythmia further makes one susceptible to convulsive syncope, involving symptoms similar to those of seizures. Hence, it is important for patients prone to seizures to avoid processed foods, replacing them with healthier alternatives like lean meats, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.

    Sugar is directly linked to an increase in blood sugar levels, which can induce seizures in some patients, particularly those already at risk for seizures and epilepsy. Foods and beverages with added sugars, including soft drinks and baked items, should be avoided to the best extent possible. Such items containing added sugars may be replaced with natural-sugar sources, such as fruits, fresh fruit juices, and smoothies.

    Monosodium glutamate
    Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, is a common food additive found in ready-to-eat and packaged foods as well as foods from restaurants. Such additives typically increase nerve cell firing and aggravate symptoms of neurological disorders. Patients with epilepsy should steer clear of foods containing MSG, carefully browsing the list of ingredients in packaged foods before purchasing them. Foods from restaurants should be replaced with fresh, homemade foods.

    Caffeinated beverages
    The Epilepsy Society suggests that excessive caffeine intake may increase one’s risk of developing seizures, as caffeine causes an overactive central nervous system. Although drinking tea and coffee in limited quantities is permissible, individuals susceptible to seizures must avoid drinking too much caffeine. They can have alternatives like juices, soups, and milk (if one is not lactose intolerant).

    Besides avoiding certain types of foods, individuals prone to seizures must incorporate nutritious foods, including fruits and vegetables, whole grains, yogurt, low-fat foods, and healthy carbohydrate sources. Staying hydrated, not skipping meals, eliminating stressors, and ensuring a healthy sleep cycle can also contribute to symptom control. One must also identify any food intolerances, including gluten and lactose intolerances, and avoid such foods to manage seizure symptoms. Moreover, increased physical activity may reduce the frequency of seizure episodes. Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle and engaging in activities like walking, jogging, low-intensity aerobics, and yoga can help patients with seizures ensure overall well-being.

  • 10 amazing TV deals to check out ahead of Black Friday 2022

    Consumer electronics is one of the top-selling categories during the Black Friday sale. Brands offer the best smart home entertainment systems for massive discounts to help you save your hard-earned money. It is perhaps the best time to upgrade your old TV for a brand new 4K or even 8K device. But if you cannot wait and need a TV right now, here are ten deals from brands like Sony, LG, Samsung, TCL, and more.

    LG 70″ NanoCell 75 series
    Bring home the ultimate cinematic experience with this LG ultra-high definition 4K smart TV. It is available at a discounted rate of $699.99. The television comes with the brand’s Game Optimizer for your favorite consoles and active HDR10 technology for the sharpest image quality.

    Samsung 70″ 4K Crystal UHD
    Get $20 off this latest smart TV by Samsung and enjoy exclusive access to your favorite streaming content powered by Tizen. It has an ultra-fast 4K processor, a 60 Hz refresh rate, HDR technology, and the PurColor feature to help you explore a new movie-watching experience at home.

    Insignia 43″ F30 Smart TV
    This Insignia television is available for $299.99 ahead of the Black Friday sale. You can connect it to smart home devices and control the TV with Alexa. You can also subscribe to Amazon’s Fire TV to stream your favorite shows and movies from premium paid channels. Go check it out right away!

    TCL 32″ Class 3 Series
    Bring home the ultimate HD TV for just $150 with early bird offers and enjoy various popular streaming channels. You can access your favorite movie or show collections with active voice control, benefit from the best hands-free entertainment, and do much more.

    TCL 65″ Class 6 Series 4K TV
    Get up to $300 off on TCL’s Mini-LED QLED 4K smart TV with exciting deals ahead of Black Friday. Enjoy superior picture quality, enhanced brightness, and contrast with the HDR Pro Pack and access to over half a million movies and TV shows on the Roku Smart TV platform.

    Samsung 65″ Neo QLED 4K TV
    You can enjoy a massive discount of up to $700 on Samsung’s Neo QLED Smart TV. It will undoubtedly enhance your home entertainment experience with the latest Neo Quantum AI 4K processor and Quantum HDR32X resolution. The television’s slim design packs an immersive sound experience with Dolby Atmos and Object Tracking Sound+ features.

    Hisense U8 series
    Hisense has become one of the popular TV brands in the Black Friday sale event. Ahead of the shopping season, the exclusive U8 65″ 4K UHD smart TV is available for a discount of $350. Rest assured of an ultimate cinematic experience with hardware upgrades like HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and a fantastic refresh rate of 120 Hz.

    Samsung 75″ Neo QLED 8K TV
    Invest in a unique cinematic experience with this TV without burning a hole in your pocket. The 75″ QLED 8K TV from Samsung is on sale for a discount of $1,200. It is powered by the latest Neural Quantum Processor 8K with AI graphical enhancement and HDR 64X.

    VIZIO 65″ Class M6 Series 4K Smart TV
    Get up to $200 off on VIZIO’s newest range of QLED HDR smart TVs supporting 4K resolution. An updated hardware and software interface lets you enjoy the best of OTT and smart streaming apps. You can even connect the smart TV to Apple AirPlay or explore Chromecast connectivity to access all your favorite content online.

    Sony also ranks among the popular brands with exciting Black Friday sale discounts on its exclusive range of BRAVIA TVs. While many deals are already available, they are expected to get better. You may get $100 to $400 off over the holiday shopping weekend. Offers are available for most large-screen OLED televisions, so look out for them as soon as the sale goes live to avoid missing out!

  • 4 great ideas for customized mugs

    If you’re thinking up gift ideas for that special someone or doing some last-minute holiday shopping, finding something personal and fitting can sometimes be quite difficult. Giving a customized gift item like photobooks, mixtapes, mugs, t-shirts, or pillows is a great idea. A custom mug is especially good when all other ideas don’t work out. Let’s check out some fool-proof customized mug ideas to help you out if you’re on a tight schedule and budget.

    The easiest way to customize a simple mug without needing any artistic skills is printing different quotes and designs. These quotes can be generic and based on the occasion; they can also be something of personal significance to you and the recipient. You will come across a wide range of gift shops and retailers who customize such simple mugs for affordable and even discounted prices. This option is an excellent alternative for when you do not want to print up someone’s photo on the side of a mug. 

    If you’re gift-hunting for a close friend or family member, giving them a customized mug is a great idea. Custom mugs with photographs have become quite common; instead, you can add graphic illustrations and caricatures that comically depict the recipient. Getting such designs for your loved ones is an easy task, and the reaction is always fun. These custom mugs look extremely pretty and artsy, and are a much better alternative to photo-printed ones. If you get them made in bulk for multiple family members, you may also get attractive discounts on them. Moreover, if you are an artist, you can illustrate your own designs for the mugs.

    Heat-sensitive prints
    To add the element of surprise to your gift, customizing a heat-sensitive mug is the perfect idea to do so. These types of mugs are solid black at room temperature and start revealing the underlying print after hot or cold drinks are poured into them. The revealed design can range from photographs and illustrations to quotes and meaningful symbols. Making these mugs is also a great idea for events such as gender reveal parties. Younger children or anyone who is easily fascinated by changing colors will be easily impressed by this gift. Quite a few online stores have fascinating designs, and these cutsom mugs are available at discounted prices.

  • Top 7 vacuum cleaner brands

    If you have a dog, love deep cleaning, or simply need a vacuum, you must be scouring the Internet to get your hands on just the right vacuum cleaner. However, since there are many options, we have curated the best brands of vacuums. From basic vacuums to ones with a plethora of features, here are the top brand name vacuums.

    Dyson has one of the highest-ranking vacuums right now in the market worldwide. This UK-based manufacturer never seizes to impress. You can get a wide range of vacuums that are efficient and super-stylish. If you want a vacuum that’s sleek and effective, then Dyson vacuums are worth a try, as they look stylish and are highly durable. Dyson makes lightweight vacuums, so vacuuming the house never feels like a task.

    iRobot, founded by MIT, is one of the top brand name vacuums. Not many may be aware, but the first robot vacuum from iRobot (called Roomba) dates back to 2002. With this brand, you are not limited to a few models, so you can choose what fits you the best. iRobot’s vacuums have brilliant battery life, so if you wish to buy a robot vacuum, get it from the iRobot. You won’t regret it.

    This German brand makes loads of home appliances, and it is one of the best vacuums manufacturers, too. Miele is great for those who prefer canister vacuums. However, the brand also has handheld and robot vacuums. Miele vacuums look luxurious and aren’t high maintenance. Plus, you can choose models with a dirtbag option and ones without a bag.

    Bissell, one of the top brand name vacuums, is for those who don’t want to splurge on their vacuums. If you are looking for easily portable vacuum cleaners, you should try Bissell. All their vacuums come in plastic material, which makes them easy to store. If you have pets, vacuum cleaners from Bissell can prove to be great for you and your family.

    This company allows you to choose from a wide range of vacuum cleaners and is amongst the top brand name vacuums. Shark has a wide range of vacuum cleaners; you can find the high-end options and those that are budget-friendly as well. Shark vacuum cleaners are easy to maintain, and some of the models even help detangle pet hair when you clean.

    Don’t underestimate this brand just because it is not as known as the others on the list. Since Roborock only focuses on robot vacuum cleaners, you can rest assured that these vacuums have an impressive ability to maneuver. Plus, if you have children, this can be beneficial as it can easily clean areas under chairs. Roborock vacuum cleaners have a robust build, and their performance is fantastic.

    LG’s robot vacuum cleaners come with multiple cleaning modes to get rid of the tiniest particles. They feature an ultra-sonic sensor, cameras, and mop plates that help clean any surface without running into furniture. You can even schedule cleanings while away from home. Moreover, when the LG robot vacuum’s battery is low, the machine goes back to the home station to charge and prepare for the next cleaning session.

  • Browns NFL single games ticket sales for 2021

    Football season is here, and the excitement couldn’t be more! If you’re looking for Cleveland Browns single game tickets for 2021, we’ve got you covered. From ticket prices to venue to timings, you can find all the information below. This Paul Brown-founded football team has a huge fan following, and surely the fans wouldn’t wanna miss out on some outdoor fun after an overwhelming year. Here’s all you need to know about the Browns ticket sales!

    Cleveland Browns vs. New York Giants

    Day: Sunday
    Date: August 22nd, 2021
    Time: 1 PM
    Venue: FirstEnergy Stadium, Home of the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland, OH
    Ticket price: Ranging from $16 to $999, depending on the section and row.

    Cleveland Browns vs. Houston Texans
    Going against Houston Texans in week 2, here’s what you should know:

    Day: Sunday
    Date: September 19th, 2021
    Time: 1 PM
    Venue: FirstEnergy Stadium, Home of the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland, OH
    Tickets: Depending on the row and section, the tickets for one person range from $143 to about $1,000.

    Cleveland Browns vs. Chicago Bears

    Day: Sunday
    Date: September 26th, 2021
    Time: 1 PM
    Venue: FirstEnergy Stadium, Home of the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland, OH
    Ticket price: Ranging from $169 to $1,200.

    Cleveland Browns vs. Arizona Cardinals

    Day: Sunday
    Date: October 17th, 2021
    Time: 4:05PM
    Venue: FirstEnergy Stadium, Home of the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland, OH
    Ticket price: Ranging from $96 to approx. $650.

    Cleveland Browns vs. Denver Broncos

    Day: Sunday
    Date: October 21st, 2021
    Time: 8:20PM
    Venue: FirstEnergy Stadium, Home of the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland, OH
    Ticket price: Ranging from $126 to approx. $1,400.

    Cleveland Browns vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

    Day: Sunday
    Date: October 31st, 2021
    Time: 1 PM
    Venue: FirstEnergy Stadium, Home of the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland, OH
    Ticket price: Ranging from $148 to approx. $1,075.

    Cleveland Browns vs. Detroit Lions

    Day: Sunday
    Date: November 21st, 2021
    Time: 1 PM
    Venue: FirstEnergy Stadium, Home of the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland, OH
    Ticket price: Ranging from $77 to approx. $815.

    Cleveland Browns vs. Baltimore Ravens

    Day: Sunday
    Date: December 12th, 2021
    Time: 1 PM
    Venue: FirstEnergy Stadium, Home of the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland, OH
    Ticket price: Ranging from $82 to approx. $917.

    Cleveland Browns vs. Las Vegas Raiders

    Day: Saturday, Sunday
    Date: December 18th and 19th, 2021
    Time: To be decided
    Venue: FirstEnergy Stadium, Home of the Cleveland Browns, Cleveland, OH
    Ticket price: Ranging from $82 to approx. $1,200.

    There might be other health protocols and regulations in place for the venue. It is advisable to check with the authorities for safety guidelines.

  • 4 things to add to your jewelry collection

    Among the different wardrobe essentials, jewelry is probably a woman’s beloved possession. Not only does it prove to be a valuable investment in the long run, but it also adds another piece to your endless collection of accessories. If you’re looking for some classic and timeless pieces to add to your exquisite jewelry collection, look no further. The below-mentioned jewelry pieces are a must-have in a woman’s jewelry box.

    Hoop earrings
    Hoop earrings are extremely versatile in their use and can add an element of glam to any ordinary outfit. Depending on your undertone and your preference, you can choose between gold and silver hoops. Moreover, if you are a hoop-lover, you can also pick out different sizes for various events. If you feel bold and confident, go for the biggest hoop earrings you can find because when it comes to hoops, the bigger, the better.

    Minimalist stud earrings
    You can find the best unique or custom diamond studs in online and offline stores. Be it a girl’s day out or a dinner date, a simple pair of diamond stud earrings can instantly amp up your look. These earrings are minimalistic yet versatile, which means that you can wear them for any occasion without worrying about looking over or underdressed.

    Dainty or statement necklace
    When an outfit seems to be missing that oomph factor, you should certainly turn to a necklace. A simple chain necklace with the right amount of sparkle can elevate your overall look without much effort. In fact, when you’re looking for styling options for any occasion, a neckpiece can be the best jewelry option. Investing in a classic necklace can be the best bet, as it will stay in your jewelry box for years to come.

    Bracelets are elegant wrist accessories that have been popular over the years. These jewelry pieces can add a lot of flare to an outfit in a subtle way. If you are wearing a short-sleeved or sleeveless dress, a bracelet can fit right well. You can also stack your bracelets and bangles if you want to go the extra way.

  • Top high-end electric cars you should check out

    Electric vehicles may be expensive as compared to those powered by gas, but these cars offer much more value for money. They offer tax incentives and are easier to maintain, and not to mention, the environment thanks you for using these cars instead of those that emit harmful gases. Read on for some of the best electric cars to check out if you’re planning to buy one:

    • Tesla Model S
      With autopilot safety and convenience features, this electric car provides a range of 402 miles on a single charge. You can recharge up to 163 miles in 15 minutes at any supercharger location, and over 17,000 superchargers are placed along well-traveled routes across the globe. Plus, the floor-mounted battery pack provides impressive impact protection.
    • Volvo S90 Recharge Hybrid
      One of the best electric cars, the Volvo S90 Recharge Hybrid comes with up to 58 kms of pure electric range and works in harmony with a petrol engine to reduce tailpipe emissions. It is equipped with assisted safety features like blind spot information system and an air-quality system to help improve the quality of the air you breathe in the cabin.
    • Porsche Taycan
      This electric car is quite a sleek sedan and lives up to the brand’s reputation. The Porsche Taycan 2020 is a combination of class and speed, and the Launch Control feature enables it to accelerate from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds. The 800-volt performance battery and two-speed transmission ensure superior driving experience every time.
    • Jaguar I-PACE
      The 2020 Jaguar I-PACE is an all-electric SUV that stays true to all that Jaguar is known for: amazing speed and agility. Besides, it seamlessly integrates technology and space for comfortable and spacious interiors and offers a range of up to 234 miles on a single charge. One of the best electric cars, the I-PACE accelerates to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds and is powered by two permanent magnet synchronous electric motors.
    • BMW i3
      This revolutionary electric sedan from BMW is a fully-electric car with 168 horsepower. It has engaging E-Copper accents on the kidney grille, and the side skirts offer a great contrast to the Jet Black wheels. Besides, it offers maximized interiors and uses low-impact materials for manufacturing an impactful electric car that can be charged on public charging stations. It offers 80% of range with 40 minutes of charging on public stations.
    • Audi e-tron®
      If you are looking for an Audi SUV with an electric build, the Audi e-tron® is the best electric car in the market for you. It comes with an 8-year or 100,000 miles limited warranty and combines long-range capability and amazing performance. So, if you’re an Audi fan, this is the ideal option for you.
    • Tesla Model Y
      Tesla is one of the pioneers of electric cars, and Model Y provides maximum versatility. It can accommodate seven passengers and has 68 cubic feet of cargo space. Additionally, the seats in the second row fold independently, creating flexible storage space for furniture, luggage, and anything else you might be carrying.
  • Interesting facts you must know about the Corvette

    Like most things, cars are also a matter of perspective. Some segments and specific models, which may seem appealing to some, might not exactly excite the car enthusiast in you. However, exceptions are an inherent feature of the world, giving some cars the reverence, warmth, and admiration of one and all is a common trait.

    Corvettes fall under this exclusive category, with the car being a hit with almost every car enthusiast. Since its inception in 1953, many Corvette models have earned widespread recognition for their sleek design, powerful engine, and seamless transmission. Although the latest models are slightly expensive, retro models are a big hit leading to cheap corvette for sale in the used car market.

    Unlike most others, Corvettes haven’t lost their value with time. On the contrary, with cheap Corvettes for sale available in the used car market a lot of individuals are buying them and customizing them to their liking. This testifies to the brand’s value and tremendous history demonstrating its might, performance, and popularity over the years. To further add to this, here are some incredible facts about this car.

    • NASA Astronauts drove Corvettes

    Alan Shephard is the first-known astronaut who owned a Corvette. Following his brave stint as the first American to travel in space, General Motors offered him the keys to a 1962 Corvette. Thereafter, six of the Mercury Seven astronauts were given Corvettes as part of an arrangement that offered special terms to astronauts.

    In 1969, three Apollo 12 astronauts ordered identical customized Corvette 390-hp 427 Stingray. The association between the two entities was further strengthened by books and movies like The Right Stuff, Apollo 13, and Terms of Endearment.

    • Corvette outshone racers at Le Mans

    Famed for its exemplary engines and transmission, Corvette launched his Racing Division in 1999. Despite being relatively new compared to the likes of Ferrari and Maserati, the Corvette Racing Division secured a podium position with its C5-R. It recorded victories in 2001, 2002, and 2004 – a sensational start to life in racing.

    • Corvettes are fast in reverse

    It’s fairly known just how incredible Corvettes are at high speeds. The car offers impeccable stability and laser-like precision, making for a powerful driving experience. Its performance is just as good in reverse as well, with the 2014 Corvette Stingray clocking an unbelievable 53 miles per hour in reverse. The Corvette C8, meanwhile, tops out at 31 miles per hour in reverse.

    • Boat Engineers designed Corvette ZR1’s motor

    The Corvette ZR1’s LT5 motor needed to have a small displacement and yet produce over 400 horsepower. To accomplish the task, Mercury’s MerCruiser division was chosen as boats had similar displacement-to-power ratios. The marine division, naturally, took on the responsibility and easily succeeded in doing so in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The motor produced about 405 horsepower, performing well in road tests and even breaking the world record for endurance.

  • Top 3 luxury convertibles of 2020

    Have you ever dreamt about cruising in a sun-drenched highway, with the wind gently caressing your face, and your hands fixed at the steering of your chic luxury convertible car? Well, if the answer is yes, this article is meant for you. You have come to the right place seeking to find the top choices in this regard.

    Here, we have shortlisted the best luxury cars convertibles of 2020 from three top brands.

    2020 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

    It is a mid-size car by the German manufacturer and has been in the market for several decades. As a result of this, Mercedes-Benz has a well-established place for itself among the most desired high-end luxury cars. In the newest version of the E-Class, there are four different body types available with a good choice in paint colors and powertrains. The car is known or its latest technology, quiet engine performance, and premium infotainment system. Available in 4 trim levels, the most popular one amongst them is the E-450 Cabriolet RWD. The car is a fine blend of performance and luxury in a truly flawless vehicle. You can opt for options in Wagon trims, Sedan, Coupe, and Convertible, thereby satiating the needs of almost every type of buyer. Some of its most appealing features are

    • Comfort riding
    • Luxurious interior
    • High-end tech features
    • Great handling

    2020 Audi A5
    Audi’s A5 is one of the best _best luxury cars designed for people who desire a vehicle that is a fine amalgam of functionality, style, and fun. You can get the car in three trims: a four-door hatchback, a coupe, and a convertible. The standard all-wheel-drive, along with the turbocharged engine, adds to its feature and functionality. It has been around since 2008, but the company added a Sportback variant for the vehicle in 2018. Audi A5 is available in 3 trim levels, of which the most popular one is Prestige Cabriolet. As far as fuel efficiency is concerned, it is a winner. The salient features of this care are

    • Packed with technology and luxury
    • Extremely user-friendly infotainment system
    • Excellent fuel economy

    2020 Porsche 911
    How can a list of best convertibles ever be complete without the mention of the twin door Porsche cabriolet? It is, without a doubt, one of the best luxury cars of 2020. Today, in its 8th generation, it is the perfect car and the number 1 choice for those seeking the ultimate luxury convertible. The model was previously christened as the 992. This new-gen Porsche 911 has well retained the timeless design of the 911 model. However, it does ride on a platform that has been massively modified in comparison to the outgoing 911 model. The distinctive difference in design among the two is seen in its one-piece tail light. In addition to that, the newer model has an all-new infotainment system and a hugely evolved interior. Similar to the previous one, it is also available in Targa top and conventional soft top configuration. Here’s what makes this car stand out:

    • Faster than most rivals
    • Good flexibility for modification
    • Incredible performance, despite understated looks

    Choose from any of these three outstanding cars to make your prized-car dreams come true.

  • 4 safest SUVs to buy in 2023

    The first thing people tend to look for when buying an SUV is the list of its safety features. Safety is key in determining whether a car will make the cut. Luckily, you don’t have to be the sole judge of whether or not the functions provided are good enough. Organizations like IIHS and NHTSA do the hard lifting and test these cars for us. And their ratings help determine which are the safest rides.

    2022 Tesla Model Y
    Like the other SUVs on this list, the Tesla Model Y has a high rating from both IIHS and the NHTSA. The base models come with the standard safety features you expect from a modern-day SUV. However, if you wish to experience the car’s self-driving capability, it would require shelling out an extra $10,000 or more. The package unlocks parking assistance, autonomous lane changing, traffic light assistance, and other similar features.

    2022 Mazda CX-5
    The 2022 Mazda CX-5 was awarded a five-star safety rating by the NHTSA. Digging deeper, we found that car got five stars for the rollover test and four for the side and front crash tests. It was also named in the top safest SUVs list by the IIHS. Some standard safety features that make this SUV a trending choice for 2023 are lane departure warning, emergency braking, pedestrian detection, blind-spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keep assistance.

    2022 Toyota Highlander
    The 2022 Toyota Highlander earned a five-star rating from the NHTSA and was named one of the safest SUVs by IIHS, with high scores in all crash tests. The Highlander comes with the Toyota Safety Sense™ 2.5+ and other active safety functions and driver assistance features, such as adaptive cruise control, road sign recognition, automatic high beams, lane-keep assist, and automatic braking.

    2023 Nissan Murano
    Nissan Murano is one of the top-rated and safest SUVs predicted to be trending in 2023, just as it did in 2022. The car provides smooth rides with just as comfortable braking. It earned four stars in the rollover test and a complete five in the frontal and side crash test. Besides the standard parking assist, blind spot monitoring, automatic rear braking, and lane departure warning, it has a 360-degree camera system. With interiors as plush and a range of safety features, it is one of the top choices for a safe and affordable SUV.

  • 5 pre-owned SUVs popular for their reliability

    One cannot stress the importance of reliability when it comes to buying an SUV or any used car, for that matter. The automobile might get you the best mileage, looks, features, and performance. But it can get annoying if the vehicle breaks down regularly or needs you to shell out more on repairs than the amount spent on purchasing the SUV. So if you’re shopping for your first used SUV or upgrading to one, here are five reliable options to consider.

    GMC Terrain
    The GMC Terrain is one of the most reliable SUVs when it comes to buying a used model. It comes with premium interiors and seating that can carry five people from one destination to the next comfortably. The ride quality of the GMC Terrain is smooth and packs an efficient engine. Customers should be able to purchase a pre-owned model between $19,000 and $28,000.

    Toyota Highlander
    The Toyota Highlander is a reliable SUV that is suitable for families. The vehicle is flush with technological features, high-quality interiors, and a powerful standard V6 engine. The Highlander is also awarded a five-star overall safety rating by the NHTSA. Customers can get a pre-owned Toyota highlander starting at $40,000 based on the model they pick.

    Honda CR-V
    A used Honda CR-V is usually available starting at $18,000 based on the features and accessories a buyer selects. The SUV is one of the most reliable compact SUVs, with more than sufficient room for passengers, an upscaled cabin, and a massive cargo hold. The CR-V is also known for its safety score and fuel economy.

    Buick Encore
    The subcompact SUV is one of the more affordable options for customers who do not want to stretch their budget. The Buick Encore is known for its premium interior, safety ratings, entertainment, and infotainment system. The vehicle also offers comfortable seating for five passengers. One can purchase a pre-owned Buick Encore for as low as $17,000.

    Mazda CX-3
    The Mazda CX-3 is renowned for its sporty handling, superior fuel economy, and safety essentials. It’s also affordable and reliable. The automobile is also equipped with reliable technology, such as a touch-screen display, voice-command activation, and standard connectivity features. Customers interested in the subcompact SUV could purchase a pre-owned model starting at about $21,000.

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